Potatoes with meat in a pot

A good thing is a ceramic pot for the oven. Any dish has a taste, like from a real oven. Appears elated, almost festive mood. Today we are cooking our favorite roast in a pot with meat and potatoes in the oven. Recipe with a photo will make the description extremely clear. There are many varieties of this dish – with mushrooms, carrots, vegetables … If you wish, the list of participants can be varied, of course. But we have the most basic, classic version – meat, potatoes and onions.

But this does not make it less attractive – the magic pot will prepare as needed.

I have to say, this is not the fastest dish to prepare, and it also contains decent calories. # 128578; . But if the soul asks, how can we resist!

Potatoes with meat in a potFor roast, we need (I cook in two full servings):

  • Pork – 350-400 grams
  • Bulb onion – 1-2 pcs.
  • Potatoes -500 grams
  • Water or broth – 300-500 ml
  • Garlic – 1-2 cloves
  • Black pepper and sweet peas – 2 pieces each
  • Hot pepper -1/4

    Roast with meat and potatoes in a pot, recipe from the oven

  1. Meat cut into small slices of 10-15 g. Fry it on smaltse or oil until golden brown. Roast can also take beef, chicken, rabbit. Just do not mix different types of meat – because they all cook at different times.
  2. We turn onions into thin half-rings (if you like this texture in the finished dish or cut them into pieces of arbitrary shape and size). Fry the onion in a meat pan :). Onions are well soaked in meat juices. Do not be alarmed if the onions darken – this is normal. The main thing is not to burn.
  3. Cut the potatoes into oblong slices or medium cubes. Fry it until it turns red in the pan. Perhaps this stage gives our dish a taste of real classic roast. I tried to make roast in pots without frying. It turns out delicious, but the taste of the other is less saturated. All my interviewed home tasters in one voice said that the option of pre-preparing the ingredients in the pan – it turns out better. So do not be lazy, the result is worth the time spent :). Fry the potatoes in a well-heated frying pan, in one layer, without mixing, until a crust appears on one side. You do not need to bring it to full readiness – this will make the pot in the oven. Salt it is not necessary.
  4. Roasted meat and potatoes, I sprinkle with a mixture of freshly ground peppers – bitter and fragrant. If you wish, you can add a piece of chili pepper, but without seeds or slightly ground hot pepper.
  5. We put in a pot in layers, in two stages – onion, meat and potatoes. And once again in the same manner.
  6. Fill the pots with salted boiled water or broth. Salt so that you liquid seemed a little salty. When cooking, part of the salt will switch to meat and potatoes and as a result will be what is needed. If water or broth is salted to taste, the roast itself may be under-salted.
  7. About the amount of fluid. I have two 450 ml pots. 350 ml of broth was enough for me. He covered the roast by about three quarters. In the process of baking, the liquid decreases in volume by about half. The gravy will be thick and very tasty. True, the upper slices of potatoes were rather dry, but with a crispy crust. So even piquant, in my opinion. I like it. If you have a different opinion, add more liquid so that it covers the top layer of roast.
  8. Close the pots with lids and send them to the cold (.) Oven. Why so many exclamation marks? I just bought six pots, and now there are only three left on the farm. # 128578; . Three more fell prey to the hot oven. Learn from my mistakes! We set the temperature – 170-180 degrees. From the moment of its achievement – we mark 45-50 minutes. 5-7 minutes before the end add chopped greens and garlic to the roast. A little green leaves for submission.
  9. Roast in pots of meat and potatoes – done! This meat melting in the mouth, but with a rich taste and aroma. And the same tender potatoes, but well-preserved its shape. In one pot (450 ml) it turns out at the exit of 260-280 g of roast. Quite a decent portion # 128578;

Potatoes with meat in a pot

Once again to secure the material # 128578; Basic rules for the perfect pot roast:

  • Meat and potatoes pre-fry until golden brown
  • We cut them about the same in weight and size
  • Putting pots in a cold oven!

Potatoes with meat in a pot

Bon appetit and good mood in the kitchen!

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