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Fast food restaurants are especially popular in big cities, where everyone runs, hurries and eats on the go. Therefore, the opening of such an institution requires a correct and clear concept in order for it to make a profit. The relatively new restaurant Burger Heroes has managed to win the trust of customers and expand its network throughout the capital of Russia. Get acquainted with such a popular fast food place in our article.

Heroes Burger in Moscow

In fact, this institution takes its roots in Germany. It was from there that the whole concept of business was brought in and began its promotion in the form of a franchise in Russia. In many ways, this facilitated the efforts of Igor Podstreshny (the founder of the company in Russia).

What is a Heroes Burger? These are places that belong to the fast food format, but at the same time have a restaurant level of service and serving. At the moment, in the capital there are more than 7 branches of the institution, which indicates its relevance and development.

Much attention is paid here to the products from which the dishes are prepared. So, the most important ingredient for burgers is meat. According to German standards, only meat of a certain grade can be used. For the entire Russian chain of such cafes and restaurants there is a farm where black Angus bulls are raised. Of them get the same marble meat, which is considered the standard for the institutions of Burger Heroes.

In addition to the quality and naturalness of the products in this network, they closely monitor the creation of comfort and coziness of visitors, and therefore all the branches are carefully decorated, every detail in the design of halls and kitchens is thought out, the waiters and bartenders work as fast as possible.

Choice of menu items

The range, though not very large, but in the Heroes Burger menu you can find everything you need for a dense and satisfying meal.

The main dish for which they come here is a burger. The establishment provides its customers with seven main types of burgers. At its discretion, you can complement burgers with the proposed components, replace them or remove them altogether.

Often they change the classic bun to black, add onions (caramelized), jalapeno pepper (for spicy food lovers), goat cheese, or even an additional cutlet. Thus, you can get a much larger assortment than is presented in the main menu.

For those who want to complement their snacks, there is always a choice of several options for soup, salad and side dish (french fries, parsnip or carrots, breaded, onion rings). As drinks here you can choose delicious craft beer (six types to choose from), cider, lemonade, tea, coffee.

Extra Services Burger Heroes

Unfortunately, for a long time the burger refused to enter the delivery, because, according to the founders of the company, a long transportation kills the dish. However, with increasing demand and increasing relevance of this issue among regular customers, representatives decided on a trial version. Now Burger Heroes has delivery, but only in a limited radius. This is a few kilometers in the area of ​​Triumph Square.

Why so little? Firstly, this is a trial version of the work with delivery, and secondly, in order to preserve the freshness of the order, you need a maximum of 20 minutes.

For those who want to eat burgers at home, representatives of the network promise delivery time of 40 minutes, 20 of which will be spent on preparing and packing the order, the rest – on delivery. In this case, the minimum order value should be 750 rubles.

Features of the institution

It is noteworthy that even vegetarians go here. What did they forget in the realm of meat? Especially for them there is a special type of chickpea – chickpea. To taste, they are very similar to meat (due to seasonings and spices), but otherwise comply with all the rules of vegetarianism.

Pluses vegetarianism

All types of burgers here have their own name, and each has a mini-story or association. Therefore, you should not be surprised when such names as Black Mamba, Nobel, Kill Bill, Papay Sailor, Baron Dupont, Agent 007 or Battleship will come across in the menu. At the same time the weight of the chops in any of the types will be at least 160 grams.

To complement the whole atmosphere in the Burger Heroes cafes and restaurants, there are music from hip-hop, jazz, funk, reggae and soul.

The most recent of the newly opened branches was the bar of the same name. Its principle is practically no different from previous institutions. It is decorated with materials such as stone and wood, and the basis of the color solution is black and white. What is remarkable here is the elegant bar counter for lovers of delicious beer. The rest of the burger bar Burger Heroes meets the standards of its network.

Location of fast food chain branches

All addresses Burger Heroes in the capital of Russia:

  • Georgian Shaft, bld. 26 (the nearest metro station is Belorusskaya).
  • Alexander Solzhenitsyn Street, bldg. 1/5 (near the Marxist metro).
  • Bolshaya Ordynka, bld. 19, p. 1, 2nd floor (near the station Tretyakovskaya).
  • Kuznetsky Bridge, bld. 12/3,

    Burger mode Heroes

    Despite the fact that the network is the same, at different addresses the branches of the burger have their own mode of operation.

    For example, burgers on Maroseika, Georgian Vale and Bolshaya Ordynka work every day in the same schedule: from 10 am to 24 at night, from 12 to 24 at night and from 11 in the morning to 24 at night, respectively.

    The remaining branches have a special mode:

  • the institution on Triumphal Square works with

    Promotional offers

    As bonuses, to which all people are so accustomed, in the institution Burger Heroiz there are happy hours for breakfast from 9 (11) in the morning until one o’clock in the afternoon (depending on the branch’s working hours). At this time, you can purchase a comprehensive breakfast, which will include a Mini Mie sandwich or burger with a hot drink. The cost of such an economical offer is from 150 to 200 rubles.

    Periodically, the network holds themed promotions, when buying a certain type of burger provides a gift from a restaurant or a discount for a second burger.

    Customer Reviews

    In general, all visitors to the Buger Heroes are satisfied: the atmosphere, prices, service, taste of the dishes, and their quality. Many people recommend this place to their friends and acquaintances not just as a place for a snack, but as a great option to celebrate a holiday or get together with a noisy group of friends.

    What do customer complaints sometimes do? This is loud music, a large number of people and the lack of seats. If you compare the pros and cons, then it turns out that the cons are much smaller and they are easily fixable.

    What can not be attributed unambiguously to positive or negative opinions are proposals. One of the most frequent is the proposal of visitors to organize home delivery. As mentioned above, a trial version of this process has already been launched. In the course of work, nuances will be revealed that should be taken into account in this functionality, and after a well-established system and organization of this experimental option, the company will work on the development of this service.

    According to many guests of the cafe-restaurant (at all addresses in Moscow) Heroes Burger, this is the perfect place to eat cheap and tasty in a pleasant atmosphere.

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