Plum Sauce Recipe

Nowadays, sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce, tkemali, tartar, satabel, garlic, mushroom, etc. are widespread. Among such a variety, plum sauce, which can enrich the taste of any cooked dish, is a special niche.

Plum sauce features

Served plum sauce as an additive to meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, scrambled eggs, noodles, bread and many other foods. This indispensable dressing can be applied to any dish, even not quite successful. After all, as the culinary saying “the taste of an unsuccessful dish, can be corrected, seasoned it with a good sauce”.

Varieties of cooking delicious plum sauces, there are a great amount. At the same time, they all have a rich sweet-sour-sweet taste and fruity aroma, acquired through the main component – plums, a variety of which can be almost any.

A wonderful aftertaste of the sauce gives a bouquet of used seasonings and spices that perfectly reveal its unique flavor. As a rule, the set of spices and spices is chosen by the cook himself, but most often coriander and hops-suneli are used. It is well-chosen spices that make the sauce popular among those who like savory additives. Also, the undoubted advantage of plum sauce is its long shelf life.

Plum Sauce Recipe

In this article we will explain how to cook plum sauce in more simple options, applicable in home cooking.

Homemade Plum Sauce


  • Ripe soft plums – 1 kg
  • Garlic –

Plum Sauce Recipe

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