Plum cake on kefir

What kind of pies do you get in a slow cooker?

Pies – a separate large multi-cooked theme. There are some recipes for pies in a slow cooker that get worse in the oven. It’s about biscuit cakes. In the slow cooker they can not be dried out, and they rise very high. This also applies to the classic biscuit dough, and butter, and with a variety of additives. The American carrot cake showed itself very well in the slow cooker. So such baking can be recommended to those who are just starting to master the slow cooker.

Pay attention to the power of your multicooker

As for the other cakes, it is better to take proven recipes. When it is already clear that the man baked a cake in a slow cooker and he succeeded. Separately, I would advise you to look for recipes that are suitable for your model or models that are similar in power. Because baking in the 950-watt Dex will differ in the way of cooking from pies in a low-power Panasonic.

Not all pie recipes can be successfully adapted for multicooker

Plum cake on kefir

Separately, it is also worth noting that not all pie recipes are suitable for multicookers. For example, cabbage cake from lean sponge dough in my slow cooker is obtained as a coarse one. Of course, it is eaten, but they are not asked to repeat it. In the oven, this cake comes out as light as fluff. I think this is because in the slow cooker there is no possibility of pre-heating to high temperature (I put the cake in the oven after the temperature reaches 220 degrees). But softer yeast baking options – on kefir, buttermilk or with the addition of muffin – are quite decent in a slow cooker. Also good are various quiches, Laurent pies, tarts. Due to a good lower heating, they are baked with filling, and there is no need to bake the sand base separately, as is often done in ovens. The only thing that needs to be done is to have patience: in a slow cooker, the baking process can be extended one and a half to two times.

What to do with a pale upper crust?

And one more important moment: the multivarcs either have no upper heating at all, or it is very weak. So do not count on a ruddy top crust at the cake. There are four options for getting out of the situation: 1) turn the cake over in the baking process and let the second side redden; 2) put the finished cake on the top shelf of the oven and turn on the grill for 5-7 minutes; 3) put the pie with the crispy underside up and in this form serve to the table; 4) sprinkle the cake with icing sugar, chocolate crumb, pour over the icing or cover with cream. Choose the option which one you like best. :)

The most delicious cheesecake from all that I have tried to bake in a slow cooker, and the simplest. Sand dough and cottage cheese filling, sour cream and eggs. As an ornament you can use not only peaches, but also any other fruits or berries.

Do you think it is difficult to bake such a cake in a slow cooker? And no. Quite simple. The probability that it will come out dry is zero. So you can proceed to the manufacture of these amazing stripes with a pure soul.

This pie is called apple pie. Classic home baking.

For many, charlotte is the first personally baked cake. So simple and straightforward her recipe. But there is a separate category of citizens who can not cope with charlotte. Capricious sponge cake from them strives to fall off, then not bake. I am sure that the point here is not in crooked hands, but in not the most successful ovens. By purchasing a slow cooker, you will forever forget about the difficulties with simple biscuit cakes.

Quick and easy, cheap and cheerful – all these qualities distinguish the recipes of the Soviet times. Smetannik is a close relative of "Napoleon", "A rotten stump", "Medovik" and other culinary delights that were baked on holidays by our mothers.

A quick recipe for cabbage pie on a tender and slightly crispy sour cream dough.

The simplest recipe spectacular cheesecake. Liquid chocolate dough is kneaded in five minutes. Stuffing – cottage cheese, mashed with sugar.

This open pie is similar to French quiche, with the only difference that it contains no cheese, which means that the pie is less high-calorie, which is very important for summer baking. Preparing the cake in three steps. First, kneaded puff pastry is kneaded (make it quick, no more than three minutes), then the filling is prepared and pouring is done separately.

This simple cake made from cottage cheese dough is very good at the slow cooker. Moist, tender, it feels like a cross between a pie and a casserole.

The beauty of charlottes is not only in simplicity, but also in combination of sweet biscuit with sour apples. But if, instead of apples, add cranberries to the cake, it turns out just a natural "explosion of taste."

Apple pie on crispy thin dough, baked in a slow cooker along with a delicate cream.

The cake recipe is very suitable for the slow cooker. By the way, it turned out that it is very good not only to bake in it, but also to fry the nuts for the cake.

The most popular recipe for apple pie. Simple, uncomplicated recipe, great taste. The secret of the spicy biscuit is elementary: the longer you beat the eggs with sugar, the higher the cake will rise.

Cooking this cheesecake is an entertaining process. Vanilla dough is poured into the chocolate and is distributed so that it forms a cream core, and the chocolate is baked in a flavored cake.

Delicious Georgian cheese pie is made in a multicooker using a simplified technology: from ready-made pita bread soaked in kefir pouring.

Plum cake on kefir

This cake in a slow cooker is a very interesting combination of bulk dough, light cottage cheese filling and juicy sour berries. After reading the recipe, I want to immediately start cooking, everything is so simple and clear.

Busbus is an Arab relative of Russian manna, which uses coconut chips. Delicate, crumbly and, as befits Arabic sweets, very, very sweet. Enrich your culinary repertoire with an easy-to-cook exotic pie.

This Spanish potato and egg pie seems more likely to be closer to an omelette than to a pie. But he, of course, doesn’t look much better and more magnificent. Prepares elementary.

Many hostesses, including myself, use the slow cooker to make various baking. Due to the peculiarities of its design, a smart kitchen assistant can cope with such work easily and simply, and the result is often much better than in the oven. For example, this soft and tender raspberry cake.

Those who have already tried to bake a lavash pie in a multicooker know how simple and even fun the process is. No fussing with dough. He made the stuffing, wrapped it in pita bread, twisted it with a “snail”, put it in a slow cooker and get hot cake in 40 minutes.

A family recipe for delicious whites, which are excellent in a multicooker. Airy dough, juicy minced chicken. In a slow cooker, they are perfectly fried, the oil does not splash. For those who like to mess with the dough, not a recipe, but a pleasure. :)

There is a mass of mannica recipes, someone is preparing mannit on kefir, someone on sour cream. Personally, I bake manna on drinking yoghurt. If you use fruit yogurt, then this product will give baking an additional flavor and taste.

A delicious summer whip pie made of ripe sweet cherries.

In order to make a cake with layers of the thinnest dough, it is not at all necessary to go shopping in search of a rare and expensive filo pastry. We buy the most common pita bread and go to the new culinary achievements.

The simplest version of the cake in the crock-pot – the batter on sour cream and mayonnaise is first poured on the bottom of the bowl, then the filling is laid out and poured on top with the second half of the dough.

Yeast dough rises in a slow cooker so high that, having decided to bake a pie according to the recipe for the oven, reduce the number of products by at least a third, otherwise you will get a pie-loaf, the same as mine. Although, despite the lack of balance between the dough and the filling, it turned out very tasty.

If you have some thick, not too ripe plums lying in the refrigerator, you can make a wonderful pie in a slow cooker with them. Thanks to the caramel, the plums will become juicy and sweet. Giving the cake a delicious taste.

The classics of the genre: crumbly thin dough and many, many bright pumpkin fillings. Due to the abundance of spices pumpkin taste is not felt. The recipe is adapted for the multicooker.

Which apple pie is the most delicious? This question has been stirring the minds of culinary professionals for more than one hundred years. I do not pretend to give a definite answer. But from my point of view, it is hardly possible to come up with something more tasty than this cake in the slow cooker. Apples for him are pre-carmelized. The word sounds ominously, the same means a very simple process …

Recipe elegant festive cake. In the composition – dried cherries, decoration – a handful of berries and fruits.

Spectacular cake with lace patterns on the cut is made from the most common pancakes, cottage cheese and apples. Wrapping the filling in pancakes and putting them into rings in the bowl of the slow cooker, pour the pie with whipped eggs and sour cream and bake in the Baking mode until ready.

Lean yeast dough pies are not always successfully obtained in a slow cooker. To the dough did not work "rubber", add butter to it. And in combination with a juicy filling it turns out just delicious!

The simplest fruit cake in a slow cooker. Especially good with plums and cinnamon, but the recipe can be used for any fruit or berry sweet pies.

An unusual pie: chicken and potato stuffing does not require pre-cooking. Products are put raw in a pie and are cooked in dough during baking. Recipe for powerful multicooker.

The classic recipe for cottage cheese pie with raisins and vanilla in a multi-cooker Philips

Quite a simple recipe: cheese is added directly to the dough.

This is a bulk cake with cottage cheese and pumpkin. In a slow cooker, bulk cakes behave quite obediently and similar recipes usually gather a circle of fans, because cooking them is simple, the dough turns crispy, and the filling is tender and sweet.

This pie on a decoy with cottage cheese and coconut balls especially like children. How did it happen that the balls were inside the cake?

For lovers of biscuits there is no need to limit yourself during the post, because there are several proven and very tasty recipes for lean cakes. For example, this one, banana, which is best obtained in a slow cooker.

Pie with freshly squeezed orange juice and zest – rich flavor is emphasized by light sour cream.

If there are only three tablespoons of flour left in the house, then you definitely cannot bake a cake of them. But not if you didn’t have a couple of bags of dried kissel. With this jelly, we will prepare here such a soft pink cake that will delight you not only with an unusual color, but also with excellent taste.

Plum cake on kefir

Pie with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms on kefir dough without yeast.

If you find an interesting recipe for an open pie and you have a slow cooker, you can safely entrust it with baking. Any slow cooker will perfectly bake the bottom of the cake, that is, the dough will in no case remain raw, and the filling will be soft, juicy, it will not dry and will not burn.

Inverted cakes – one of the great ways to make baking in a slow cooker a spectacular look. And at the same time provide the cake with great taste.

Blackberries are such a berry, which sometimes makes it hard to break your head where to attach it. In the chocolate cake she found herself the place. And to taste it goes well together, and the cake does not give up with water, because the blackberry is not as juicy as, for example, raspberry or black currant. Easy recipe that does not use oil.

Light yeast dough, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Provencal herbs, original serve.

Yeast pies are especially good at the slow cooker, if you knead the dough is not absolutely lean. No, there is no need to add muffin – vegetable oil and a good portion of grated cheese are also excellent.

One of the easiest sweet cake recipes in a slow cooker. Prepared elementary, the taste is beautiful. And it looks spectacular.

Whole grain flour is just coming into fashion. Some cautiously look at small bags of cream-colored powder and if they decide to use it, then only as an additive, in pharmacy doses. We offer you to discover all the richness of the taste of wholegrain baking. Try to bake a cake in a multicooker, in which there is not a single gram of white flour. And offer it to children. You will be surprised at how fast they eat it. Personally, even two-year-olds “hunt” for my whole-grain pastry.

Pie with meatballs often looks like it is an ordinary meat pie. But if you put inside of each quail egg meatball, it turns out not only tasty, but also very nice.

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