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Latvian cuisine. Gray peas with smoked meats.

How to cook gray peas with smoked meat.

Hello dear readers! On the blog is a new heading Latvian cuisine. First recipe: Gray peas with smoked meats. Gray peas with smoked meats are perhaps the most famous dish of Latvian cuisine. But you can cook it in different ways. I’ll tell you now how to cook gray peas with smoked meats.

Pilaf with ribsGray peas with smoked meats, a must-have dish on the Christmas table. Round peas are like tears. Do not want to cry in the New Year? Then you need to cook gray peas with smoked meat and eat on Christmas night.

How to cook gray peas with smoked meat, in Latvia, any hostess knows. But each mistress has her own secrets.

I will tell you how I cook gray peas with smoked meats.

What you need to know about this pea?

In color from almost brown. But called gray.

When soaking for the night, the peas will swell and increase by a factor of two. So consider how many peas you need to soak? For 4 people, 2 glasses is enough. Swell and get 4 glasses. Enough for 1 time to eat.

I read recipes where a pound is immediately soaked. This is a lot of work. Or a big company, or you need very gray peas with smoked meats to love))

You can use bacon, speck, smoked meat, bacon, gray peas with smoked meat work! ))

But I only do with smoked bacon! So that was a fat, and myasko. The ribs also go into business! Behind the ribs in our home queue. Therefore, bacon buy exclusively with ribs.

To cook gray peas with smoked meatsaccording to the recipe of Erica Herman, you will need products

  • gray peas – 2-3 glasses
  • smoked bacon with ribs – 300 gr
  • bulb onion -1-2 bulbs
  • vegetable oil (4 tablespoons, for roasting)
  • butter (2 teaspoons)
  • salt
  • no more spices!

Gray peas with smoked meat begin to cook in the evening.

Pick peas, wash and soak overnight in cold water. In the morning, the peas will already swell and increase in volume, the water will cloud.

Water is drained, washed peas. Pour clean water. In fact, it’s good to drain the water several times. You can pour in the morning and cook in the evening.

I put the peas boiled in cold water. When the water boils, I take off the foam. A little salt at the very end. I do not forget that smoked bacon is also salted.

While peas are boiling over low heat, I clean the onions. Cut into 1/4 rings. Fry in a pan in a mixture of vegetable and butter. I give the bow a little brown. Salt a little bit.

I cut the brisket into small cubes and into a frying pan, to the onion. The ribs, straight from the bone, also go to the griddle. Gravy is ready. Close the lid.

During this time, the peas cooked.

Here are 2 possible options. Rinse peas again? Or not? It is possible and so. I like it more – do not rinse. But if there is excess water, it is drained. According to the classic recipe, the finished peas are washed again. Then put in the pan, to the sauce.

I, on the contrary, put smoked meat with onions in a saucepan. I warm up well for another 5 minutes. That’s it! Is done. I ask to the table!

Pilaf with ribs

And you can not mix peas with gravy, but simply apply immediately in portioned cups. first, the peas. On top, – smoked with onions.

Total already 3 possible options for dishes gray peas with smoked meats.

And it is also very important! How to file gray peas with smoked meats?

Certainly pottery earthenware! Deep cups, bowls and even pots.

With kefir – necessarily. Good beer is also quite appropriate.

Some add sour cream. Prescription – it can be. At our house they serve only with kefir, without sour cream.

Try to cook gray peas with smoked meats in my recipe.

But when you find yourself in Latvia, by all means order and try the gray peas with smoked meats in a cafe or restaurant serving Latvian cuisine. For example, in Lido.

I published my recipe how to cook one of the main dishes of Latvian cuisine – gray peas with smoked meats

Latvian cuisine. Of course, this is not gray peas.

As soon as I have the right picture, I will replace!

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