Pea Salad

Check guests, and in the house, “horse of the grave?” Have a footstep fridge found a couple of cans of green peas, is that canned corn? Well, well, your guests are so good – they are melodiously chek т not just warm priyom, but good luck, often a lot of time. Mayuchi taki wonder products, yak green peas and corn, you can prigotovat salad, vіd yakogo slinki to flow from the most vibrant gourmet.

Pea Salad

I think you think that vicorisovuvati products in one salad do not have a great deal of mercy. Kukurudza and peas "in one bottle" are not just a riot of farb in your dish, a la i vіdmіnny smak. By the deadline, the results of the warrior’s viglet of savory peas and cornstones were not messed up to anyone! And vzhe rіznomanіtnostі recipes with tsimi іngredієnty can be tzalki zazdriti: vibiray on be-smak relish, kolіr і gamanets!

Salad "Nіzhnіst"

I’ll call my salad a salad having made a dead man – it’s not so easy to take such a light and sweet taste. Smoked smoked meat should not overwhelm the guests, members of your homeland.

  • Svіzhі ogіrochki – three-chotiri pieces
  • One egg
  • Smoked meat`yas (carbonade possible) – one hundred grams
  • Green tulip – ten grams
  • Volosky goryh – twenty graviv
  • Green Peas – Half Jar
  • Kukurudza – half a can
  • Mayonnaise

Ogіrki, egg і m`yaso narіzaєmo other cubes, even peas with maize, green bulb. Dressing salad with mayonnaise, salt for gusto and vzhe in a salad bowl posipaєmo we rub with hairy mountains.

Tsei salad is not just delicious, but ale i absolutely safe for your figuri. Take a look at the samі: nevomu nemaє ni kartoplі, ni rice, and mayonnaise. And one more thing in which such a salad is in order not to come in the grasp of what’s new, not just dami, just sit on the back, a la th or the other sob, sweet and healthy. So you won’t be able to “fill in” with a low-caliber youth squad and your friends – they stink with the help of everything, to the rest of the spoon.

  • One pack of crabs palichek (great)
  • Two small salty ogirki
  • Two small svіzhih ogirka
  • Half a can of green pea
  • Half a can of preserved corn
  • One little head tsibuli rіpchasto ї
  • Two eggs
  • Malt yogurt

Drubno narіzaєmo ogіrochki і krabovі palichki, eggs і tsibulu, dadaєmo kukuruzu with peas. Served with yogurt, salt for gusto – fresh, low-calorie cooked salad!

Ledacha Cooking Salad

Hi live blissful bikdikuvannya, and to nyogo – a tasty salad for dodachu! You can simply find a couple of cans of canned products and proudly cook yourself a cook, or don’t pidyyde up to the plate ni on Khvilin! And yakscho v gotute tsey salad tsіlikh ten khvilin – then we do not just lіnіva, ale aa ny povіlna cook! Aja in ідеалі for the preparation of the grave pvіde Khvilin Chotiri-p`yat. Well, scho, proceed?

  • Bank of kukurudzi
  • Jar of peas
  • Can kvassoli
  • Chasnik – three-chotiri chastochki
  • Rusks – one pack
  • Mayonnaise

Otzhe, zm_ushuєmo all qiu rіznobarvnu beauty in one salad bowl, dodaєmo chasnichku and mayonnaise. Before serving, on a glass visipaєmo in a salad of a pack of be-yak crackers. From i all! Hto-nebud cookies poperechatati, scho vie not the master cooks? Well then! And yakscho vi virišite sprostuvati called in the words of the lіniva i work on the salad – you can doodati in the new trochi of the Bulgarian pepper, hocha. What psuvaty phylosophy tsієї stravy?

Salad "Zaykina radist"

Zaprononuyi tsei barvistiy lettuce be ravens – that of this soil primer bi vmist, ala krasht primitayte this whole dish for yourself. Krim Sea vіtamіnіv і korisnih rechovin, yakі bring priests to the body, tsei salad volody в one of the most important vosniv_styu: don’t see you again, do not follow the rules of school. So scyu їzhte yogo on zdorov`ya – vashі stegna і talіya in bespetsі. And so called the salad to the one, the main yogo Іngredієnt – Morkvin (wіm, wіd peas wih maize, oblique, it is unlikely that you’d like it).

  • Morkva – chotirist gram_v
  • Half a can of green pea
  • Half a can of preserved corn
  • Tsibulina – one piece
  • Ocet 3% – three tablespoons
  • Light mayonnaise (low calorie)
  • Tsukor – two teaspoons
  • Sil for Relish

Promit the Morkva is cleaned and washed with straws, put in the dish dishes and filled with cooking water. Dodaєmo tudi ocet, sіl і tsukor, zakrivaєmo schіlno krishkoyu i kip`yatim vіsіm-ten khilin. Okholodzhumo, vіdkidaєmo on drushlyak. Peremішuєmo vīshla morkvinu with peas, kukurudzyu, for another time, tsibuleyu. Filled with mayonnaise and put in the fridge. Through pvvgodini delicious salad salad cooked!

Yak bachite, peas and cornflower – just bezsіnnі іngredієnti for themselves savvy і rіznomanіtnyh salads. Stay healthy, hostile to seeing your friends and friends. Savory!

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