Pancakes with meat

Lazy cake Napoleon of 3 ingredients Without Baking

Draniki without flour and eggs (lean)

Thin pancakes with milk for my mother’s recipe

Chicken and Grape Tiffany Salad

Pancakes with chicken, mushrooms and cheese


general information

Total cooking time

40 minutes


Number of servings

Step by step recipe with photos

Peel the potatoes and grate them on a fine grater (most conveniently, rub potatoes with a combine with a special nozzle for pancakes). Add flour, salt, pepper, eggs – mix well.

Minced meat, salt, pepper, add finely chopped onion and mix well.

Heat vegetable oil in a pan and spread potato mass in the form of fritters (for one pan of nuts 1,

Fry the pancakes on one side until a brown crust is formed. Then turn, cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat and bring to readiness 5-6 minutes. Put the prepared pancakes on paper towels so that excess oil is absorbed. Serve pancakes hot with sour cream.

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Pancakes with meat

Girls. I think you have become too smart))) Fry like ordinary pancakes, just put ordinary stuffing on the bottom pancake in the middle (with the addition of all kinds of spices), cover with other pancake and fry! Vooooooo.

Olesya, I have a question, no matter what potatoes to make, young or old?

Turned out, delicious. It can only be a fat dish in itself, not for those who keep the figure. Given the comments, squeezed the juice from the grated potatoes, did not add flour, minced the meat slightly before frying. It turned out not like Olesya in the photo, s in the form of ruffs

Dr Julia, that’s why fat, because the minced meat was fried: it is put here raw – another dish turns out.

I was born and grew up in Belarus myself, this dish is often cooked with us, the recipe is good, nothing can be said, the idea has been preserved)) But. I have one of my friends (who tried them) nobody adds flour. And some tips from practice. Flour, indeed, interrupts the taste .. It is best to rub the potato on a fine grater, let stand 10 minutes, drain

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