Pancake recipe on water

Delicious, simplest pancakes on the water. These pancakes can be cooked with any filling, sweet or salty. You can just pancakes dunk in jam or honey, sour cream or yogurt, who loves what. Cooking pancakes is easy, they deserve to be on your table.

In a bowl, beat three eggs, beat with a mixer, add 500 ml of water, mix.

Mix 100 ml of water with citric acid in a cup.

Separately, in a bowl, mix the flour, salt, soda.

Add the flour mixture to the liquid ingredients.

Knead the dough without lumps with a mixer. The dough should stand for about 20 minutes.

Then add water with dissolved citric acid, mix with a mixer.

If necessary, grease the pan with vegetable oil.

Bake pancakes on both sides, grease ready pancakes with butter. Such pancakes are suitable for both sweet and savory fillings. All with Maslenitsa! Enjoy your meal!

Pancake recipe on water

Very tasty turned out

delicious. for those who love omelet

3 eggs – a bit much for my taste (

came out yellow and smell scrambled eggs

I also turned out very tasty!) my daughter ate 3 pancakes quickly with jam))) yes, I also thought that there were a lot of eggs) next time I’ll put 1-2. straight in the dough added olive oil 1 tbsp. lodges (remembered as my mom cooks with a friend). So they do not burn at all and do not need to pour vegetable oil on the pan, as a result it does not splash. Thank you for the good recipe.

This is a horror and not a recipe.

citric acid is better not to throw

Very tasty turned out :-) :-) :-).

Generally not tasty

Maybe I’m not a born cook. But all pancakes

DO NOT put three eggs. Put 1-2

But I really liked it! When I read the recipe and I somehow did not like it very much! But I cooked pancakes and I really liked it!

Pancakes are very tasty mined for both cheeks I advise

Pancakes did not work, some kind of porridge, everything sticks, I will not do it anymore.

And when to add sugar? Not written.

Very tasty thank you

I liked pancakes, under the filling is generally beautiful, I took two eggs)

Oh them. I begin to turn, and they are torn.

The pancakes were very tasty, the guests could not even say anything, and I laid 2 eggs, it turned out delicious.

Yummy. Real jam.

Very tasty! Who is torn, probably the hands of the wrong place to grow. Thanks for the recipe.

Much depends on the pan! if they do not lag behind, it means a thin bottom. and 2 eggs is enough) but even with two they smell like scrambled eggs of course, and still tasty)

Husband and daughter made the dough. Sour! Everything sticks, pancakes are not baked. I’m wondering where you can use spoiled products (((

All strictly according to the recipe. fall apart

just baked pancakes, everything turned out, nothing slips anywhere. All the recipe only I added sugar and flour a little more and everything is super. thanks for the recipe cheap and angry))

not a fig


Thank you so much for the recipe, very tasty

Pancakes are excellent, but do not add citric acid, the dough becomes bitter, but if all the same added, add sugar!

Made strictly according to the recipe, the dough is liquid, was afraid that it would not work. But it turned out great delicious pancakes, baked over medium heat. On a slow dry up like that and remain pale

It turned out concrete dough, everything falls apart!

Eggs are obviously a bit too much (It tastes like a sweet omelette (For the first time, it tasted bland blints, very disappointing (

Specially registered to leave a comment. I dreamed about pancakes with cottage cheese the whole working day, I didn’t want to buy in cooking, especially as I love and can cook pancakes. But bad luck, I forgot to buy milk.

She acted strictly according to the recipe, added only vanilla. Pancakes Crumbled and burned. Although nothing burns in this pan. Changed the pan. Same stuff. Added a tablespoon of butter to the dough. Falling apart again. Carried 2 and a half hours, only translated products. At the exit, only a bunch of half-withered bits.

Alex Egg is obviously a bit too much (It tastes like a sweet omelet (For the first time, it tasted bland blints, very obi

The egg must be taken C-1, not C-O. And everything will turn out.

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