Paleo Quinoa Recipes

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get rid of extra pounds or build muscle and give body relief, you’ve probably already seen that diet is the key to success.

By: Shannon Clark

It’s no secret that the food we eat every day has a big impact on how we look. If the food contains an insufficient amount of nutrients, then we will not look like it. Conversely, if our food is rich in all necessary substances, then it will positively affect the appearance.

You must not be the first to hear about the paleo diet, they write about it in magazines and books, you can often hear the admiring reviews of people who stick to it. So what is it and is it really so effective? Having a general idea of ​​the paleo diet, you can see if it suits you. Let’s look at what you need to know about the paleo diet.

Paleo approach

The name "paleo diet" is an abbreviated version of the "Paleolithic diet." This approach is to seek to return to our beginnings and create a diet based on the products that cavemen ate in ancient times.

It is undeniable that due to the development of modern technologies, the process of cooking today is very different from the process used by our ancestors. They were forced to hunt and get food for dinner, it’s enough for us to walk to the nearest grocery store, where the shelves are filled with ready-made food and convenience foods. The problem is that due to all these changes, our diet has deteriorated significantly, and we are increasingly moving away from what Mother Nature has given us.

The concept of a paleo diet is to refer to the origins. Adhering to this direction, you will forget about the semi-finished products that are sold in supermarkets, giving preference to food, which gave us the nature and the earth.

If it was available thousands of years ago, then why not apply it in our time? Your diet should primarily consist of meat and fish dishes, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds. In moderation, you can use vegetable oils. Dairy products, cereals, legumes, vegetables rich in carbohydrates, fatty meats, foods high in salt (for example, semi-finished products and salted nuts) should be excluded from the diet.

Pluses paleo diets

What are the advantages of paleo diet? Do you need her?

Paleo Quinoa Recipes

As you begin to stick to the paleo diet, your blood sugar levels return to normal. Many of us suffer from constant drops in blood sugar levels and this alone is an argument in favor of a paleo diet. The more stable the blood sugar level, the less often you will experience a sudden feeling of hunger, feel constant fatigue and, naturally, you will be less susceptible to the development of diabetes.

Considering that the paleo-diet is based on foods containing unsaturated fats (nuts and seeds), and the consumption of saturated fats will decrease due to the exclusion of dairy products and fatty meats from the diet, you will be able to reduce cholesterol levels, which will significantly reduce the risk of heart disease .

Adhering to the paleo diet, you will not be forced to look for additional sources of protein, which is so necessary when building muscle mass and weight loss, because your every meal will include low-fat meat dishes. A combination of lean meat with lots of vegetables and fruits will reduce the number of calories consumed, which will significantly contribute to weight loss.

If you are aiming for a significant increase in muscle mass, which requires the consumption of more calories, you can simply add more nuts and seeds to your diet. You will eat foods rich in unsaturated fats, at the same time getting enough calories.

Paleo Quinoa Recipes

Paleo Diet Problems

So what are the drawbacks of the paleo diet, and are there any?

The biggest problem you may face, but which, in turn, can be easily resolved with proper planning, can be an insufficient amount of carbohydrates. This is only relevant if you are hard at work. Carbohydrates obtained from fruits and vegetables will not be enough for you, otherwise you will be exhausted after training. If you need to get more than 4,000 calories a day, 2,000 of which using carbohydrates, then it will be difficult for you to stick to a paleo diet. The only source of energy for performing intensive exercises is glucose (fats do not affect the process), so you need to find a way out of the situation.

To solve this problem is quite simple. It is necessary to saturate the diet with fruits with high carbohydrate content. It can be bananas, cherries, pineapples. By consuming one large fruit, you can get up to 100 calories.

In addition, some athletes may include healthy cereals in their diet, such as brown rice and oatmeal. Of course, using these products, you move a little away from the paleo diet, but if only these natural products are the source of carbohydrates, the benefits of the paleo diet will not decrease, and you will receive the required amount of carbohydrates to replenish energy.

With the second limitation, sticking to a paleo diet, vegetarians may encounter. Sources of protein for vegetarians are products such as quinoa, soybeans, lentils, chickpeas and other legumes, and their consumption is not allowed, subject to a paleo diet. Therefore, vegetarians need to look for another source of proteins.

Paleo Quinoa Recipes

Vegetarians who want to stick to a paleo diet may consider the option of adding protein powder to their diets to provide the body with the necessary amount of protein in addition to unlimited food. However, this will no longer be a real paleo diet, since the consumption of dairy and egg products is not allowed.

Go to the paleo diet

If you decide to change your lifestyle by going on a paleo diet, start by excluding from the diet semi-finished products and carbohydrate foods. You must give up on them first. Then exclude dairy products, fatty meats and legumes. If you exclude products in this way, the transition to the paleo diet will not be as stressful as it would be if you immediately abandoned all these products. Below you will find an example of a paleo diet menu for one day, as well as a table of products that can be consumed and which are not.

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