Over-the-counter Tamiflu

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Sergei Sobyanin ordered to release the popular anti-flu drug Tamiflu only by prescription. How necessary is such a measure and whether it will cause a stir in polyclinics?

Over-the-counter Tamiflu

"Tamiflu" in the Moscow state pharmacies will be sold only by prescription. Such an instruction at a meeting of the presidium of the city government was given by the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin. The decision is due to the fact that because of the hype Muscovites – even those who do not need it – began to buy the drug for the future, which led to a shortage.

The measure proposed by the mayor may be useful, says David Melik-Guseinov, head of the Institute of Public Health:

David Melik-Guseinov, director of the Tamiflu Healthcare and Medical Management Institute, is really a prescription drug, and there are already federal laws for these drugs to be sold exclusively by prescription. Therefore, the mayor by and large urged our citizens to order. Indeed, something has to be done with this rush, because it has been an avalanche of pharmacies and swept almost the entire range of drugstores, which is somehow effective, less effective or ineffective against influenza. People bought medicine in reserve. Not the fact that they need them and that they use them for their intended purpose. They will only increase the percentage of self-treatment and the criteria for excessive demand. This may lead to an increase in the cost of these medicines. The introduction of prescription leave, in my opinion, is not quite the correct wording. The mayor called it to the order that is actually necessary to take at the federal level. State pharmacies are obliged to use the same Tamiflu prescription, but this duty also exists on commercial pharmacy chains. Those pharmacy chains that respect themselves and really want to comply with all the norms of the current law will also accept this initiative and will release these drugs solely on prescription. ”

However, based on the wording of the mayor’s order, prescriptions for the sale of Tamiflu are not applicable to private pharmacies.

Prescription drugs in Russia are often sold freely, because there is simply no responsibility for such a violation, says Larisa Popovich, director of the Institute for Health Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Larisa Popovich, Director of the Institute of Health Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics “There is a norm in law, and there is no punishment for violating this norm. Nowhere in the West is there such a disgrace as we do not. It is impossible to release neither antibiotics, nor potent drugs without a prescription, without the advice of a doctor – this is very dangerous. “Tamiflu” is not a very simple drug: it acts only against influenza viruses A and B, but it does not work in C, and it is completely useless for them to treat all other viral diseases, which are five times more than the flu. In addition, Tamiflu has many side effects that you also need to know. Not everyone can use it, so a doctor who knows all these contraindications and who is armed with a legal requirement to write a prescription will be absolutely right. The price of the drug is fixed, it will not lead to higher prices. The only thing is that this can lead to some problems in the polyclinics. Just more people will be in clinics in order to write this prescription. But on the other hand, when a person comes and he will be diagnosed with, say, not the flu, but another ORVI, he definitely does not need to prescribe Tamiflu, because it is completely useless and even harmful in a situation if it is not the flu. ”

Over-the-counter Tamiflu

At the same time, only in the last 2 months, news that people were dying right in line at the polyclinics came from several regions of the country at once.

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