Over-the-counter medication that makes you sleep

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“Where the mind goes, the body goes there too” truth

"The energy crisis of the body or the decline of forces"

Everyone ever feels a breakdown. And who would not want more energy than it has? Unfortunately, having more energy is like having more money: it’s easier to talk about it than to do it. And yet, perhaps, it is easier to increase your energy than you think. Of course, doctors still give this lengthy prescription: rest a lot, stick to a balanced diet, train. But experienced doctors and other break-up specialists go beyond these general guidelines and provide many more specific tips.

Warm up. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning before you start the day, ”says Dr. Vihi Ling, an assistant professor in the department of preventive medicine at the Medical College in Wisconsin. “Then you will not start with a feeling of fatigue and race.”

Eat a good breakfast of 3 ingredients. The three components of a good breakfast are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, ”explains Dr. Rick Raiser, an associate professor of clinical family medicine at the University of Ohio Medical College. – Of course, you do not want to add fat to the morning table. You get enough fat, a good supply of energy from the proteins you eat. "

Over-the-counter medication that makes you sleep

A simple porridge (complex carbohydrate) with milk (a source of protein) can already give a good start to the day. Wheat toast or buns are a good choice for complex carbohydrates. For a stock of protein, you may choose lean sour milk or cottage cheese, or a small piece of chicken, or fish.

In the meantime, Dr. Riser warns against eating a super-high-carbohydrate breakfast that is paired with simple sugars: “You can really re-activate your insulin, and your blood sugar will drop — it will make your knees tremble.” So avoid donuts on the way to work.

Work hard to feel better. Exercise really gives energy. Study after study confirms these words. Of the more than 200 employees who completed the moderate regular exercise program: 90% said they never felt so good, almost half said they feel less stress, and almost 1/3 added that they began to sleep better. This data is not documented. Therefore, if you want, believe in the word or try for yourself in our fitness club "CandyGym". And you will be helped by qualified coaches of our club.

If you do not have this opportunity, at least a quick walk 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes and at least 2 hours before sleep is enough. And during the sedentary workday, stand up and walk around at least every 2 hours.

Remember: moderation is the best policy. Despite all the good things that exercise can do for you, you can become addicted to it. And you can overdo it if you do not listen to what your body tells you, and it may require a little rest.

Do not touch everything at once. Often, a person begins to lose strength because he thinks: “I have so much to do that I don’t know where to start.” Write lists of necessary cases. Set priorities and keep track of your progress on the list, you will be perfectly oriented and remain energetic.

Over-the-counter medication that makes you sleep

Nutrition. Poor nutrition can produce a breakdown, and supplementation (once a day) can compensate for the lack of nutrients. And do not expect that the vitamin will immediately give you energy. It is a mistake to take a lot of vitamins if you are tired, and hope that you will get better. Only normal nutrition will help.

Some doctors advise a light second breakfast in order to avoid a difficult case when the eyes then uncontrollably close right at the workplace. And some people should take advantage of this advice: soup and salad, and a piece of some fruit is not nutritious.

But if the soup, salad and a piece of fruit did not satisfy you, then turn the second breakfast into the biggest meal of the day and walk after it for 20 minutes. If you eat more calories at the beginning of the day, it will give you the necessary "fuel" to perk up. But you have to be picky. Carbohydrates, for example, burn faster. Fats, on the other hand, burn slowly, which means they will slow your pace.

Only one glass if … Alcohol is a depressant, it soothes you, not revives. Limit alcohol intake to one glass or better not drink at all.

Tune in. Music can make a fire in you. Listen to what is acceptable and to anyone, if only it would turn you on.

Extinguish a cigarette. Doctors have always advised to quit smoking, but add another argument in favor of this: smoking adversely affects the supply of oxygen to the tissues. The result is a breakdown. However, do not count on an immediate burst of energy when you quit smoking for the first time. Nicotine plays a neutralizing role, and quitting smoking can cause some temporary fatigue.

Sleep less. You can not overdo it with nothing, even with sleep. If you peppe, you’ll walk like a drunk all day. For most people, usually 6-8 hours of sleep at night is enough.

Do not sleep enough. If you go to bed after 2 am and get up, for example, at 5 am, all your energy will burn out.

Lie down for 20 minutes. Sleep during the day is not necessary for everyone, but it will help refresh the elderly, who do not sleep as deeply as before. People of a younger age, with their hectic daily routine and a short night’s rest, can also get some rest during the day. If you decide to relax during the day, try to do it at the same time and for no more than one hour.

Drink "Not alcohol, but water." The day before you have to do physical activities, such as under the hot sun, doctors advise you to drink plenty of water and drink a lot the next day.

This will prevent dehydration, which in turn can cause a breakdown.

Splatter. When fatigue begins to engulf you, it is recommended that you sprinkle cold water on your face, but if there is an opportunity to take a cold shower that would restore energy more successfully. Draining water emits negative ions into the air that surround the body. It is believed that negatively charged ions make people happier and more energetic.

Think about what medications to take.

Do you really need to take all these over-the-counter medicines? If not, you may be amazed how a refusal or reduction in doses of certain drugs will help you.

Sleeping pills, for example, are notoriously scandalous, because the next day you feel like having a drink. But if doctors are to be believed, then among the "villains" there are remedies for high blood pressure, cures for rhinitis and cough.

If you suspect that some medicine is stealing energy, discuss it with your doctor. But never stop taking medicine without a doctor’s permission.

If it’s nice – do it. It is impossible to deny the pleasure of massage, Charcot’s soul, steam baths, it is difficult to scientifically determine whether it relieves fatigue, but there are people who are ready to swear in this. I am also convinced that if a person feels better, these procedures strengthen their action.

Reduce caffeine intake. 1-2 cups of coffee can give you energy in the morning, but here their beneficial effect usually ends. Caffeine wizard: it makes you feel more energetic, although, according to doctors, in fact, it is not.

Over-the-counter medication that makes you sleep

Open the access of energy into your consciousness.

Where the mind goes, the body goes there. Now, in general, it is already recognized that consciousness can affect the body. Your thoughts may be related to how tired you feel. Therefore, here are some favorable positions that can favorably affect your energy level.

Think positive. This is done by athletes during responsible competitions, by successful employees, and so must you. To think positively is very important, because with the help of positive thoughts we can achieve the desired results, whereas negative thoughts and feelings push a person to evil, misfortune and disease.

Look for motivation. If you think about it, it turns out that without motivation it is difficult to do something. But it’s almost impossible to complete tasks that require mega energy if you don’t have a soul for it.

Be confident. Most likely, if you feel that you can do something, you have enough energy to do it, and you will believe in yourself even more.

Thus, coaches of sports games at competitions set up players, if they have to win very much. By doing so, they inspire their athletes, they say that they are in better shape than their rivals, and that they have almost won the competition.

Redistribute energy.

Strong emotions empty you mentally, but it can also be physical havoc. Do not waste energy on strong feelings, such as anger, for example, use energy for work and keep in good shape.

Breathe slowly, deeply. Deep breathing activates the flow of blood to the lungs, heart and brain, facilitating the work of the heart muscle.

Sometimes this is the best way to relax and recharge at the same time. People breathe badly, they say, shout and sing, not because they are sick, but because they do not know how to breathe properly. No wonder they say: “Learning to sing is learning to breathe!”.

5-7 deep breaths, but if also in the open air, immediately give you a feeling of calmness at any place and at any time. Proper use of breathing exercises enables a person to maintain a stable, cheerful state, will allow him to overcome stress and gain good health without "energy crises."

You will succeed too!

After all, if we grow a plant, while doing fertilizing and watering, then naturally, we do not immediately notice any visible changes in its growth, but over time they appear, and quite quickly. So in man everything comes with time. Proper lifestyle and regular exercise will lead to the intended goal.

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