Olivier Salad Ingredients

Over the long history of its existence, the Olivier Salad has managed to become a tradition. For some, the salad has become quite banal and bored, but still the salad “Olivier” is still an important component of the festive table for many people. The most familiar combination of ingredients always brings us the festive mood of the New Year and Christmas. Do not forget to pamper yourself with such simple and tasty salads on weekdays.

Olivier Salad Ingredients

How to cook olivier salad with sausage

  • For salad, you must boil potatoes and carrots in advance. If you cook vegetables in one pan, I draw your attention that potatoes cook a little faster than carrots. Therefore, the potatoes need to get out of the boiling water a little earlier. Cool and peel boiled vegetables. Also boil the required number of eggs.
  • Then prepare the remaining ingredients. Boiled sausage and pickled cucumbers cut into small cubes.
  • Cut boiled potatoes and carrots in the same size.
  • Chop boiled eggs in a convenient way. You can chop finely with a knife or grate them on a coarse grater.
  • In the process of cutting all the ingredients can be immediately transferred to one large salad bowl, at the end add canned peas.
  • Before serving, “Olivier with sausage” mayonnaise and mix well.

Some secrets of cooking delicious salad Olivier with sausage:

  1. Doctor sausage for salad is desirable to buy a good quality and without fat. Instead of a doctor’s sausage, Olivier can be cooked with boiled meat or ham.
  2. When cooking vegetables for Olivier, it is desirable to salt the water well. With this preparation, the finished salad will no longer need to salt.
  3. It is desirable to cut all the ingredients for a salad of the same size as green peas, then when serving it will look more harmonious.
  4. If you want to surprise the traditional Olivier, then the products can be cut into thin strips. The taste will remain the same, but this feed, perhaps, can surprise.
  5. All prepared products for salad should be completely cooled, you can not collect the salad with still warm vegetables or eggs. The taste will definitely be spoiled.
  6. After cooking, do not immediately put the salad in the refrigerator. Let him stand for half an hour on the table, then serve or clean in the cold.
  7. Classic olive sausage can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator for three days, the ingredients are better not to mix with each other, but simply put into the container under the lid. This is possible, provided that mayonnaise has not yet been added. Salad fill and mix just before serving.

I will add, no meat, chicken and kenguryatiny, only tender boiled sausage. Then the salad will be tender and hopefully delicious. Mayonnaise is a classic, no additives lemons, mustard and other nonsense. We still have to prepare, that it is sold, fed appetite.

The photo looks like a normal salad, but by the number of ingredients it turns out cucumber pea balanda. Excess green spoils the salad, as well as a large number of potatoes. Mayonnaise like in moderation, still to try. I read komenty, raw carrots in a salad, I have never met such perverts.

Olivier Salad Ingredients

I do not cook carrots. In my opinion, tastes better with raw carrots. I also add a little grated apple.

and onions !? need to put?

Thank. Very handed.

The output of the finished salad about 1 kg. And all this stuff 50 grams of mayonnaise?

THANK. But with chicken more delicious

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. Health ALL.

Delicious salad.

everything is so, it is possible with meat, but with doctor’s sausage I prefer. In our family, they do not like boiled carrots either in Olivier or in herring under a fur coat. Therefore, we rub raw carrots on a large grater, somewhere on your bowl of half-midi-large, sprinkle, stir, add mayonnaise. Try it, do not regret it, at least do not spoil it. And the sauce gets a beautiful soft peach color.

Much healthier, tastier and more refined would be to replace the sausage with boiled chicken meat and, above all, add a bit of finely nourished fresh cucumbers, after peeling them from the skin. By the way, pickles also need to be peeled before cutting.

The salad is called Stolichny, but not Olivier. Salad “Olivier” is not close here, he has a completely different recipe.

Absolutely agree with you. No potatoes and cold cuts in sausage “Olivier” do not put.

What kind of sausage

We have extra, you have any boiled sausage interspersed with bacon

thanks, I can now cook myself so that my mother does not suffer

Simple and tasty) I forgot a little what was needed in the salad and thanks to you, I remembered

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