Oatmeal phytic acid

Phytic acid benefit and harm

Phytic acid is a plant store of phosphorus. It is found mainly in the bran and shells of cereals, grains, seeds, legumes and nuts. Phytic acid may also be contained in the tuberous, but in smaller quantities. For plants, phytic acid is an energy source for germinating grain.

It is obvious that people whose diet consists mainly of plant foods consume more phytic acid. Its content in products varies greatly and depends on where the grains were grown, on the soil, and on climatic conditions.

Most of the phytates that enter the body are broken down in the stomach and small intestines, and our body is fully capable of regulating the amount of phytates remaining, getting rid of surplus through excretion (the process of releasing the body from the final products of metabolism).

By binding minerals, it makes them inaccessible for the body to absorb. In addition, it affects the function of certain enzymes in the stomach and reduces the absorption of starch and protein. This is one of the reasons why vegetarians need to consume more iron than meat eaters.

Some researchers argue that, despite the potential harm, phytic acid is the cause of the protective functions (from cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes) that cereals have. It can also perform a role similar to the role of vitamins and non-protein elements necessary for the function of certain enzymes in the body.

Table of phytic acid content in food

Interestingly, in the diets of different countries the norm of the content of this substance is different:

Oatmeal phytic acid

  • in America it is 631 mg;
  • in Britain, 764 mg;
  • in Finland – 370 mg;
  • in Sweden, 180 mg;

If food with a high content of vitamins A, C, D, as well as calcium, high-quality fats and lacto-fermented vegetables is present in the diet, then the state of health is usually normal. For a person with good health, the content of the substance is valid in the range of 400-800 mg. Those who have broken teeth and deteriorated bones, its consumption should be increased to 150-400 mg.

A healthy diet should contain no more than 2-3 servings of dishes prepared correctly from foods that contain phytic acid. If you use them daily, they will benefit the body. But if such foods become the staple food, then it can cause health problems.

Acid in oatmeal

Oatmeal for everyone is known as an extremely useful porridge in all senses, which is worth eating as often as possible. However, recent studies by gastroenterologists and nutritionists have shown that eating oatmeal is not always necessary, but is by no means necessary, since this can be extremely dangerous for health. The experts of the “Medical News” section of the online resource for those who are interested in finance “Market Leader” found out what the danger of oatmeal is.

Oatmeal phytic acidScientists from Australia came to the conclusion that the useful qualities of oatmeal work when it is consumed without excessive fanaticism.

Nutritionists note that the useful property of oatmeal is that it envelops the gastric mucosa, normalizing its work as a result. That is why oatmeal is for many an ideal product for a healthy diet. Oatmeal is recommended to eat for two weeks, then it helps to stabilize the weight, bringing the body into a tone. Despite such positive qualities of oatmeal, she, alas, has a “dark” side.

It is no secret that phytic acid is a part of oatmeal, which is a substance that inhibits calcium absorption in the intestine. Besides the fact that acid does not allow calcium to be normally absorbed by the body, it also contributes to its leaching from human bones.

However, because of the warnings voiced, it is not necessary to completely give up oatmeal, since it is a unique source of trace elements and vitamins that are necessary for our body. But to reduce the volume of its use still would not hurt, they say doctors.

PS: how to reduce the amount of phytic acid in products?

From the video you will learn what foods contain phytic acid and how to get rid of it in a natural way. A woman who talks very much looks painful only.

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