New Year’s Salads with Shrimps

On New Year’s Eve, many housewives will be busy searching for original recipes to please the household and surprise the guests. The list includes snacks for the New Year 2019. They are an integral part of any holiday table.


Recipes with photos for the buffet table

Today, many young families depart from the tradition of the usual feast, when served several dishes. For lack of time, housewives do not prepare numerous pickles for the New Year’s table. Young people prefer to celebrate the New Year more directly. Young people try to communicate more, dance and have fun to the maximum.

This does not exclude food and all kinds of drinks. True, Christmas treats are most often served in small portions, as a rule, in the form of sandwiches and canapes.

This snack is very convenient, especially when you are waiting for a lot of guests, and you do not have time to prepare complex dishes. Canape is prepared very quickly and for this it is not necessary to have culinary skills.

New Year's Salads with Shrimps

For cooking canapés use the most simple products:

  • cheese;
  • sausage;
  • various smoked meats;
  • meat;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • mushrooms;
  • butter;
  • bakery products;
  • fresh or pickled vegetables and fruits;
  • greens, etc.

Usually the croutons, pieces of black bread, baguette mugs are the basis of the canapes. These products are smeared with butter and placed the necessary products. All this is decorated with greens and fastened with a wooden skewer.

For example, a great snack for vodka canapes with red fish or herring.

Cheese slices can be an excellent snack option. Usually use several types of cheese:

You can add nuts, fruit, croutons to the cheese plate.

Caucasian drinks are suitable for strong drinks:

They can be supplemented with almonds, walnuts, cashews, dried fruits, herbs and honey. You can also add to this assortment:

Sausage slices with smoked meats can also be an excellent snack.

For the buffet and traditional sandwiches will be appropriate.

By the way, there will be an appetizer in the form of rolls. They can be made from cheese and pita.

As a filling can be:

  • any stuffing, except pork;
  • meat;
  • a fish;
  • liver, fish pate;
  • crab sticks with mayonnaise;
  • cheese and curd mass, etc.

Original on the buffet table will look and cheese or other balls, decorated with greens. Still they can be issued in the form of Christmas balls.

Appetizer can be served in tartlets. Their contents can be very different. Ranging from all kinds of salads, mushrooms, pates and ending with red fish and caviar.

Recently, bags of pancakes have become very popular as snacks. They prepare very quickly, and the filling is made from a wide variety of products.

Onion muffins with cheese can serve as an excellent snack.

Quick meals

For a few minutes preparing an appetizer of bell pepper. To do this, cut it into rings and fill it with cottage cheese and nuts.

A quick and easy snack made from chips. For this suitable potato chips “Pringles”. The filling is made from Tilsiter cheese, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, garlic and parsley.

Boats of eggs can cook even the most lazy. To do this, you can bake ordinary beets, grate it, mix with sour cream and add grated garlic with herbs and spices. This mixture should be put in hard-boiled egg mats. Chopped yolk can decorate the dish.

Other appetizers: recipes with photos

If you are accustomed to the usual New Year’s feast, you will have to work a little. Believe me, it’s worth it. After all, each of us is waiting for the New Year with great impatience.

We have prepared for you recipes with photos of such snacks that will not leave indifferent any of your guests.

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