Navy language recipe

Today, our post will be devoted to a delicious fish dish, which can be boldly served on a festive table. The fish in batter in our recipe will be prepared from fillets. However, the batter is so universal that even larger pieces of fish, such as pink salmon, hake or pollock, can be fried in it.

We have fish tongue on the table.

A batter is a batter that is dipped in food before frying.

The main component of batter is usually flour and eggs, other additives may vary. There are a lot of cooking options for batter: batter on mineral water, batter on eggs, on beer, on whipped proteins, on milk. Each hostess chooses the batter, with whom it is convenient to work.

I offer you the recipe for mayonnaise. For my taste and the taste of my family – this is one of the most successful recipes klyara. I used it to prepare the fillet of sole.

The fish in this batter always turns out to be delicious, tender, juicy, and even the next day the batter does not lose its taste and remains soft and tender.

Navy tongue in batter

For the preparation of the sea language in batter we need


  • Fish fillet (sole, pangasius or any other fillet) – 3 pcs. it is about 900 g,
  • Mayonnaise – 200 ml,
  • Eggs – 4 pcs.,
  • Flour 4-5 Art. l with a slide,
  • Salt,
  • Ground black pepper,
  • Vegetable oil for frying fish.

Navy language recipe

Cooking process:

Preparing this fish in batter very quickly, and quickly eaten. So let’s get started.

If the fish is still in the ice (icing), then immediately put it defrost. When the fillet is melted, put it on the desktop, immediately cut across the stripes. Each piece should be about 2 cm thick.

Above we sprinkle a little and well we spice up with black freshly ground pepper. We give the nautical language to soak in salt and pepper, in the meantime we are engaged in preparing batter for fish. In a deep bowl, lightly beat the eggs, add mayonnaise and begin to introduce the flour. Knead batter with a whisk to the consistency of thick cream. A knife on mayonnaise when dipping the pieces of fish should linger well on the fillet, do not drain.

Heat the vegetable oil in a large frying pan and begin to fry the sole in batter. It will take two forks. With one fork we hold a piece of fish, dunk it in a batter. The second help to remove the fish in a deep-fried in the pan. So cook all the fish. Get 2-3 pans.

Fry the sole until golden brown crust on both sides for about 2 minutes. This time is enough, the fish in batter is very quickly cooked.

Navy language recipePlease note that if the batter drains heavily from the fish fillet, then you need to add some more flour to the batter. Knead it again and continue to cook the fish according to the above recipe.

It is convenient to cook fish in batter in advance, for example, in the evening. Therefore, put it in a prepared container on top of each other. But when it comes time to serve the dish, spread out on a beautiful serving plate and decorate with fresh greens.

We thank Svetlana Burova for the recipe for fish in mayonnaise.

Enjoy your meal, good food and good recipes!

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