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Akimova Natalya Aleksandrovna

Algashova Irina Viktorovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (Ultrasound)

Belavina Irina Aleksandrovna

Gastroenterologist, Ultrasound Doctor (ultrasound)

Bengert Tatyana Leonidovna

Bobchenok Olesya Sergeevna

Valyakin Andrey Alekseevich

Vasilyeva Natalya Georgievna

Vladimirova Yana Valerievna

Vorkueva Vera Viktorovna

Golenkova Elena Ivanovna

Functional diagnostics doctor

Goncharov Eduard Nikolaevich

Gutnov Alan Vitalyevich

Dracheva Polina Sergeevna

Drozdova Maria Valerievna

Children’s Cardiologist, Children’s Pediatrician

Duka Elena Gennadevna

Dybovskaya Vera Pavlovna

Yemtseva Julia Vladimirovna

Ermolaeva Olga Nikolaevna

Obstetrician-gynecologist, Children’s obstetrician-gynecologist, Ultrasound doctor (ultrasound)

Efimova Galina Andreevna

Masseur, Children’s Masseur

Zheleznikova Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna

General practitioner, Allergist-immunologist

Zadorin Sergey Aleksandrovich

Zemtsova Elena Vitalevna

Ivanova Anna Vasilyevna

Ivanova Julia Vasilievna

Functional diagnostics doctor

Kaplun Olga Vladislavovna

Karpov Alexander Evgenevich

Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist

Kindrachuk Anna Bogdanovna

Pediatrician, Head. branch

Klokov Alexander Evgenievich

Klochkov Artemy Dmitrievich

Kolosova Olga Leonidovna

Kolyada Olga Borisovna

Komissarova Angelina Pavlovna

Kondratenkov Artur Aleksandrovich

Kondratenkova Natalia Aleksandrovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (Ultrasound)

Kondrashova Lidiya Vyacheslavovna

Dentist, Children’s Dentist, Head. branch

Konovalova Zoya Olegovna

Konkova Victoria Marsovna

Cardiologist, Glav. doctor

Krasnov Evgeny Aleksandrovich

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound), Children’s Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound)

Leit Elena Evgenievna

Malysheva Irina Sergeevna

Functional Diagnostic Physician, Functional Diagnostics Pediatric Physician

Marchenko Svetlana Y.

Makhova Tatyana Grigorievna

Mikheeva Natalia Anatolyevna

Dermatologist, Dermatologist, Children’s dermatologist

Morenko Maxim Valerievich

Moshnikova Elena Anatolyevna

Myshkin Evgeny Sergeevich

Novoselova Albina Sergeevna

Natalia the menu itself

Oshchapovskaya Anastasia Valerievna

Pakhomova Irina Mikhailovna

Children’s nephrologist, Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound), Children’s Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound)

Pechenkina Marina Anatolyevna

General Practitioner, Gastroenterologist

Ragozin Anton Viktorovich

Romanova Inna Viktorovna

Neurologist, Head. branch

Romashkina Anna Sergeyevna

Ruban Karina Eduardovna

Rustamova Oksana Gorkhmaz Kyzy

Saifullin Ravil Salikhovich

Samoylenko Mikhail Sergeevich

Dermatovenerologist, Dermatologist, Children’s dermatologist, Cosmetologist

Natalia the menu itself

Skobelina Tatyana Vladimirovna

Smirnova Natalia Vyacheslavovna

Children’s otolaryngologist (ENT)

Solis Angelica Nikolaevna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (Ultrasound)

Federyashina Natalia Vladimirovna

Khachikova Olga Vladimirovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound), Children’s Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound)

Cherkasova Nadezhda Ivanovna

Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound), Children’s Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor (ultrasound)

Shelever Sofia Mikhailovna

Radiologist, Children’s Radiologist

Natalia the menu itself

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