Naked cake recipe

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What you need to effectively decorate the cake? It is necessary to prepare the base, that is, to get an even cake covered with a layer of cream, which will hide some possible defects of the cake, bind the crumbs and give a large field of fantasy for further decor.

There are so many ways to cover the cake with cream. This method, proposed by Kaitlin Flannery, can be taken as a basis and then independently “tailored” to the cake coating technique. First you need to carefully cut the cakes and collect the cake, how to do it is written here.

The next stage is direct coating and leveling the cake with cream.

  • metal spatula (Caitlin recommends metal spatulas 20 and 33 cm long);
  • scraper (indispensable thing when aligning the cake);
  • ice cream spoon / dispenser / pastry bag;
  • turntable (in principle, you can do without it, if you rarely decorate cakes, but if you do it often, it will make your work easier);
  • non-slip mat (to fix the cake on the turntable);
  • rubber spatula;
  • extra bowl (useful for collecting cream mixed with crumbs);
  • assembled cake (Caitlin in his lesson works with a cake with a diameter of 15 cm);
  • cream (it can be any, Caitlin recommends Swiss or Italian meringue, it’s easier to work with them).


Before you start, whip the cream with a hand mixer at the lowest speed for 5 minutes, this will get rid of unwanted air bubbles in the cream. To begin, we will cover the cake with a very thin layer of cream; this will allow fixing all the crumbs and preventing them from penetrating into the main, decorative layer of cream. Caitlin uses about 80 grams of cream for this purpose. Put the cream in the center of the top of the cake.

Spatula distribute it from the center to the edges.

Naked cake recipe

Cream that goes beyond the cake, smear the sides.

If you need more cream, never type it with a spatula, which you coat with a cake, there may be a lot of crumbs on the spatula and the appearance of the cream will deteriorate. Also, if excess cream is collected on the spatula, it is not necessary to remove them against the angle of the cake (the angle between the top and the side of the cake). Remove the excess cream in an empty bowl, and then take the cream from there if necessary, but only to cover the first, base layer.

Thus we cover the whole cake until every millimeter is covered with a thin layer of cream.

We remove the excess cream from the edges of the top of the cake, we carry a spatula from the edge to the center, remove the excess cream in the cream bowl from the previous paragraph. Several times we collect the cream from the top, until all the excess is gone from the edges, the top of the cake should be covered with a very thin layer of cream.

Now remove the excess cream from the sides of the cake. For this we need a scraper. We put it at an angle of 90 degrees to the sides of the cake, and begin to scrape, removing the excess cream, which we again remove in the aforementioned bowl.

When working with a scraper, apply enough strength to remove excess cream, but do not overdo it so as not to cut the cake. Now before you is the so-called bare cake.

Take it out in the cold so that the cream will clutch and securely hold all crumbs together.

Now proceed to the decorative coating. We take the cake out of the fridge, top with a measuring spoon, put about 115 grams (cake diameter is 15 cm, if your cake is bigger, take the cream more) of the cream.

You can use a pastry bag with a round nozzle. Fill the bag, and evenly cover the sides of the cake and top with longitudinal lines of cream. This will evenly distribute the cream on the cake. We distribute the cream from the center to the edges with a spatula, make any layer of cream thickness, the main thing is that it is uniform and the cream completely hides the cake.

The cream extending beyond the top of the cake is smeared on the sides.

First, we coat the upper part of the sides of the cake, then lower it below.

It is not necessary at this stage to try to get even sides, our goal is to evenly distribute the cream on the cake.

Naked cake recipe

Excess cream should rise above the top edge of the cake, then we will use them to form a smooth top.

If you need to add a cream, type the cream with a rubber spatula and apply it to your working metal spatula. Use a spatula gently to avoid damaging the base layer of the cream and to avoid crumbs.

After the cake is evenly covered with cream, take a scraper. Put it vertically to the surface of the cake, and begin to rotate the turntable, while the hand remains stationary. Do not press hard on the scraper, our goal is not to collect excess cream, but to level

After you have walked around the cake 2-3 times and straightened the sides, proceed to the next step.

On the cake there may be small irregularities, to lubricate them, use clean dry spatula and then leveling clean dry scraper!

Now we put in order the top of the cake. Spatula, which is in a strictly horizontal position, lubricates the excess cream from the edge to the center.

We pass around the entire circumference of the cake.

Before each new movement of the spatula clean it from the cream! Thus we get a flat top.

Now we have a cake with even sides and a flat top, and it is completely ready for further decorating!

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