Mulberry Jam

Silkwood belongs to the mulberry family. This explains its second name – mulberry. Mulberry gives edible fruits with a specific sweetish taste, often they are also used in medicine.

In diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2, mulberry is not prohibited. Lilac berries can serve as a good snack, at the same time satisfying and satisfying the need for something tasty and sweet. And what are the benefits and harms from it from a medical point of view?

Useful information: mulberry is of two main varieties – black and white. The latter is not so sweet. But then the organic acids contained in it contribute to the absorption of vitamins from other products, the normalization of the digestive tract, and an increase in immunity.

Mulberry with diabetes mellitus – benefit

In humans, there are vitamins that contribute to the breakdown of glucose and the production of hormones. Vitamin from group B called riboflavin refers to such.

It is this that mulberry contains in large quantities.

Mulberry can be used for the preparation of therapeutic infusions and decoctions, tea, fruit drink, fruit juice or jelly. With diabetes, almost any part of the plant is beneficial:

  • Berries and buds;
  • Leaves and shoots;
  • Bark and roots.

Mulberry does not lose its properties in dried form. The bark of the tree is perfectly preserved in a dry place for up to three years, and dried flowers and berries can be stored for over a year. The buds of the plant, which are used to make tea of ​​the second type, which is very useful for diabetes, are stored for no more than 12 months.

It is important to know: the benefits of mulberry fruits are confirmed only in diabetes of the second type. With type 1 diabetes, berries can be included in the diet, they will not cause harm, but you should not expect a healing effect from them.

According to its properties, the mulberry is similar to watermelon: the taste of the berry is quite sweet, but at the same time it can significantly lower blood sugar levels. Medicinal preparations, the basis of which would be this plant, its berries, flowers or any other part, are not produced. But there are quite a few popular recipes.

Using them, you can prepare a good medicine for diabetes at home. And at the same time also diversify the limited menu of diabetics.

Mulberry root decoction

This drink will improve the health of the diabetic and enhance the actions of other drugs. To prepare it is very simple.

  1. A teaspoon of dry and chopped or ground roots of a tree should be filled with one glass of hot water;
  2. Mixture put on medium heat, boil;
  3. Boil for about twenty minutes, then turn off the fire;
  4. Cover the dishes with a lid and draw the broth for at least an hour.

Mulberry Jam

Strained fluid is recommended to take three times a day for half a glass. The course of treatment is from 4 to 8 weeks.

Mulberry juice with honey as medicine

And this recipe is perfect in all respects. The resulting mixture can be used as an independent and very tasty snack between main meals, or as an addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner. It is almost a dessert. But it is also healing.

Doctors advise to do so:

  • A glass of fresh ripe mulberries to push through a fine sieve.
  • The resulting thick juice with pulp combine with a tablespoon of fresh floral honey.
  • The mixture can be drunk immediately, if it is a snack – you get about one glass. Or in parts, if it is a dessert for lunch and dinner.

Recommendations: all infusions, decoctions, juices and teas, prepared personally from natural raw materials, should be consumed within 24 hours. Otherwise they will lose their valuable properties and will do more harm than good.

Tincture of the shoots of mulberry tree with diabetes

This tool is prepared in much the same way as a decoction of the roots. Only use fresh, young twigs and shoots of mulberry.

  • First you need to prepare the main raw materials. Shoots and young branches are cut, leaves are removed – they can be left to prepare another medicine. The branches themselves are cut into pieces no longer than 3 cm. Then the stalks must be dried for several days in a well-ventilated room;
  • In order to make one portion of tincture, you need 3-4 dry pieces of shoots. They are poured with two mills of cold water and set on fire;
  • When water boils, fire decreases. You need to cook the mixture for less than 10 minutes;
  • The broth is removed from heat, covered with a lid and insist until it cools. Then the liquid is carefully filtered through several layers of gauze.

Tincture is drunk in small portions within one day. It is recommended to continue the course of treatment for at least three weeks.

Then there is a pause for two weeks, after which the treatment with silk tincture continues.

Mulberry foliage and buds powder

Few know that this plant is very useful in the form of a powder that can be added to any dish. It has a neutral taste, and the medicinal properties are the same as those of fresh fruits. The powder is advantageous in that it can be prepared once in a large portion and then used for several years.

Mulberry Jam

No need to spend time boiling, insisting and filtering the drug – just sprinkle with a mixture of ready-made soup or side dish. In addition, mulberry powder is convenient to take with you on the road or to work.

For the preparation of used leaves and buds of the tree. They should be washed, then laid out in one layer on paper and dried in a warm, but well-ventilated place. Raw materials need from time to time to agitate and turn. When the leaves and buds become brittle, you should rub them with your fingers.

The resulting mixture is transferred to a dry glass or can with a tight-fitting lid. If the powder is damp, it will lose its beneficial properties. It is used as a seasoning daily, the daily dose should be

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