Morse recipe

Author: Rybchanskaya Irina

Date: 13 02 2017

"Philo’s dough recipe for Aunt Nina" – written many years ago, but until recently has not been tested. This dough for many years seemed to me mysterious Mayan writing. Thin, transparent, like tissue paper. His rolled sheets are huge, on the whole table. I, of course, with unusual appetite, devoured the deliciously delicious pies of my aunt, but in order to decide to do it myself ?! Only a few days ago I had accomplished a feat whose name is filo dough.

Morse recipe

Back in the 90s, the father of Nina’s aunt and her brother emigrated to Greece. After some time, the relatives decided to visit the abandoned native land – they were incredibly drawn home, to the mountain village of Plastunka, near Sochi. By the arrival of the guests, Uncle Kuzya put his numerous household in order, Aunt Nina made peel to the tiropite and pita with spinach from home-made filo dough.

And here is the long-awaited meeting. Kisses, hugs, ooh-ahi. It was the turn of the gifts. Uncle Kuzya (a great lover of good coffee) was moved to tears from the presented elegant coffee set of the company "Luminarc". Have you heard the case – "unbreakable" service! The men sat in the spacious arbor and delved into a pleasant conversation. Nino at this time was figuring out how the young wife of her brother was making the transparent dough.

Morse recipe

Slender Greek woman and stately Nino kneaded another portion of Filo, the recipe of which was offered by the guest. Women staged a real show. In their deft hands spinning layers resembled cambric sheets. The neighbors crowded around the craftswomen and they were amazed, how could they do this so expertly?

Uncle Kuzya, having noticed the sensation that the ladies made, decided to also distinguish himself – he really loved being in the center of attention. We will be indulgent to this little flaw! The cordial Georgian invited the floor of the village to demonstrate the outstanding qualities of tiny white cups, saucers and other accessories of the service.

Morse recipe

Kuzma, displeased with the hot southern sun, universal attention and a couple of ouzo cups, Batono sold out in earnest. He threw and threw unhappy coffee cups, saucers, cake tray, coffee pot and sugar bowl on the floor. Just backhand and incessantly. And, like a silly child, I was glad that they didn’t fight!

Fragrant pie from this homemade filo already adorned the table, which stood in the middle of a large courtyard. Next on the dish is a magnificent lamb baked in the oven. In the big cauldron there was a gurgle – it chanted to everyone that it could be eaten soon. A long Caucasian feast with toasts and songs lasted until the evening.

So many people gathered for the evening coffee that they had to take another coffee service out of the house. The salutary master, sleeping peacefully at the table, suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed a porcelain tray and with the words: Look, everyone! – gasped him on the floor. The sufferer clinked in bewilderment and crumbled into small pieces. The sobering-up instantly lover of universal attention looked plaintively at his wife. Broken pot was from another service! She experienced four weddings, many birthdays and morning coffee parties without a bill. The brilliance of his aunt’s eyes lit up the thick evening twilight.

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