Milk Salt Recipe

It seems to me that nothing tastes better than pickles than huge barrel tomatoes — scarlet, fleshy, sweet, ready to explode right in your hands. I can eat these tomatoes just like that, about five — I’m blushing all over my elbows, but I’ll take a soul)) Of course, the most delicious tomatoes can be obtained only from the village’s grandmother, in a real oak barrel, which is stored in a cool cellar where it is dark and smells of damp. And it always seemed to me that without exactly the same barrel and the old cellar, it is impossible to make such, or at least remotely similar in taste, tomatoes. And I was wrong again – you can! The main thing is to have a cool cellar (+10 degrees) and even barrels are not necessary!

If you can do without a barrel (I’m going to tell you how), then this whole tomato plant makes almost no sense without a cellar – while the tomatoes are salting, special fermentation processes take place inside and the very taste of the minds is produced (finely balanced combination of sweet, salty, bitter and sour, it is because of this taste that we like so much sauerkraut, salted milk mushrooms, anchovies or dried meat). And the greater the amount of dishes in which the product salted / brewed, the faster and more harmoniously the processes go. Therefore, it is a fact that pickled tomatoes in the bucket will be an order of magnitude tastier than the same pickled tomatoes in a jar. Well, put the whole bucket in an ordinary refrigerator is an unaffordable luxury. So look for a cellar, or you can fool fate and make almost barrel-shaped tomatoes using a different recipe, which can be stored in a city fridge.

In addition to the main characters of tomatoes, we still need many, many spicy greens from the garden – horseradish leaves, black currants, cherries, fennel umbrellas, whole parsley bush (with leaves and roots), garlic with green feathers, mint. You can choose spicy herbs to your taste (someone adores parsley, and someone cannot stand mint), and if you don’t have your own vegetable garden, go to the market, there for 20-50 rubles grannies sell ready-made fragrant brooms for salting.

What is better to pickle tomatoes?

Milk Salt Recipe

The most ideal dishes for salting – special oak barrels. They can now be purchased at specialized online stores or craftsmen will be made to order. Such barrels only get better and more fragrant over time, but they require constant maintenance – fungus and fungus settles in the wood readily, mold should not be put on the bare floor (there should be ventilation between the floor and the bottom), such a barrel should not be washed with detergents and generally exposed any chemistry, and in the spring-summer period, while the barrel is without pickles, it is filled with water so that the tree does not crack, well, and a couple of times a year you need to tighten the hoops. As you can see, there are more than enough difficulties.

The second most popular dishes – enamelled buckets / pots / tanks. Enamel does not react with brine (it will not have a metallic taste), it is convenient to wash such dishes, but the lids usually do not fit snugly, and sooner or later a mold will appear on the surface of the brine, which will have to be constantly cleaned. The same story with ceramic pots and kegs, besides, they are quite heavy and not resistant to shocks. But to them you can pick up (grind) a dense cover of wood.

Milk Salt Recipe

The most ideal is glass three and five liter jars. Glass also does not absorb odor and is easy to keep clean. Through transparent walls one can clearly see what is going on inside the jar, with tight lids now there are no problems (there are different sizes and colors on sale), it is convenient to rearrange the jars from place to place. But the most important bad luck, which can lie in wait when using such dishes – the neck is too narrow and large tomatoes (and they are the most delicious and fleshy) just won’t crawl inside!

Therefore, my choice is plastic buckets, which I buy at the wholesale base, where they sell disposable dishes, packaging, paper napkins, bags and boxes for cakes. These buckets come in different sizes (from

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