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Are you planning to decorate the interior with exclusive decorative elements, decorate the facade of the building exclusively, make a striking sign, or decorate a trade showcase? SUN Studio offers printing on any media.

The advantages of UV photo printing

From interior to street design – using UV printing, you can apply an image to almost any object. At the press the image quality is obtained with full color reproduction. Paints under the influence of UV lamps are fixed in less than a second, and the coating does not lubricate and does not peel off; it can be washed even with the use of abrasives. Therefore, UV printing is often used not only in the interior space, but also for exterior design.

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Even if the products will be operated in conditions of high humidity, temperature or light exposure, prints will not lose brightness and saturation.

Technology features

UV printing refers to inkjet. To apply a print, special inks are used, which are polymerized under the influence of ultraviolet. As a result, a dense film is formed on the surface, resistant to mechanical abrasion, fading, and sometimes to the action of aggressive substances.

Terms of UV printing

The process of printing and polymerization takes a few seconds, so even if you need a large amount of printed products, in our studio will be able to complete the order as soon as possible: 2-3 days for a standard order and 1 business day for an urgent order.

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UV printing is faster than offset printing because you do not need to wait for the hardening of the ink. By speed, it is commensurate with digital. The time spent on the preparatory stage is also reduced, since the pigments do not need to be diluted. Therefore, if you need to quickly prepare the circulation of printed products, UV printing will be preferable.

Safe and eco-friendly ink

For UV printing, one-component inks are used; they do not need to be diluted with solvents before applying the image. They do not evaporate and do not emit harmful substances even in direct sunlight or when heated. Therefore, posters, paintings, advertising structures and furniture, the creation of which used UV printing, can be placed in medical, educational institutions, children’s rooms and

Suitable materials

UV printing technology is universal and suitable for almost any material. Images can be applied to:

There are practically no restrictions on materials.

Large format printing

If you need to print an image of a large size, fit a large format print. It is performed on a plotter – a special printer, which is characterized by high performance and can work with different materials, and also supports non-standard sheet formats. With the help of large format printing, you can get a photographic image quality. Extensive color settings allow you to make shades both delicate and rich. Resistant pigments will retain their brightness, even if the finished product is constantly exposed to negative influences, be it snow, rain or direct sunlight. The cost of printing is quite low, so this is the best option for a single order, and for large circulation.

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Print for you quickly and efficiently.

In SUN Studio you can order UV printing of souvenir, advertising and information products at competitive prices. Each our offer is worked out individually, taking into account the peculiarities of printing, volume and urgency of the order.

We can also make for you unique interior items – wallpaper with photo printing, kitchen aprons, furniture facades, tile. It is possible to print on porcelain tiles for exterior work, as well as to manufacture a wide range of products for decorating shops, offices and classrooms.

At your service – experienced professionals, modern equipment, high-quality consumables, advanced technology. Fast, reliable and beautiful – this is about us.

Call or leave a request to discuss the features of printing, the timing and cost of your order!

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