Menu for the holiday table

Initially, the reception a la buffet was invented in France. This way of organizing a festive table has a number of advantages. Buffet reception is a way to receive guests, which eliminates the need to purchase additional pieces of furniture, since the main purpose of the reception is communication, not a feast. In most cases, the buffet is associated with the need to organize the reception of guests in a short time. The name itself can be literally translated from French as “into a fork,” which characterizes the whole process of eating.

The advantages of the buffet are that the number of guests is not related to the amount of furniture available in the house. An additional advantage for the hostess is that she does not need to worry about serving the dishes, the degree of their warmth and the fullness of the plates of the guests. The buffet table is more suitable for young people, as a family feast with the older generation on their feet for the latter will not be very convenient. Guests freely move around the room, gather in groups of interests, communicate freely, choosing those snacks on the table that are more to their taste. Snacks should be quite diverse: variety – this is the key to a good buffet!

Buffet at home or buffet at work: how to put the table

For the buffet table is placed either in the center of the room or in the corner. The table should be large enough to put on many dishes. Sometimes two tables are combined with each other, covering them with a long tablecloth, but the tables must be the same height. It is preferable that the legs of the table were covered with a tablecloth or table skirt.

Buffet table

On the edges of the table is placed clean dishes with appliances and laid napkins. Plates are stacked, which saves space. Additionally, you can decorate the table with glasses, placing them in an original and diverse way. Cutlery laid out by the number of plates, while the knives should be 2 times less.

Chairs are not placed around the table. . They can be placed around the perimeter of the walls or in groups around small coffee tables. It is desirable that in the room where the reception will be held, there was at least one sofa.

Buffet table setting

Meals are served by sector or longline (using special buffet racks), if available.

Closer to the edge are snacks, several types of sliced ​​bread, salads. The second tier in the depths is sweet dishes, pastries, and fruits. On each dish with dishes should lie the appropriate device, with which you can put a portion on your plate.

Buffet table setting It also depends on the position of the table: if it can be approached from all sides, then the buffet table should be served in a circle.

Serving buffet "in a circle"

Spices are put traditional – salt and pepper. If sauces are required for dishes, they are placed next to the corresponding dishes.

Not necessarily the table should include both cold snacks and sweet. Not forbidden to arrange sweet parties , where are presented only dessert snacks. Such buffets are especially good for the ladies’ society: light wines, cakes and sweets, fruits are a win-win component of a hen party.

Soft drinks at serving are poured by the glass or served in jugs. Alcoholic drinks are placed in open bottles in groups at different ends of the table, next to the glasses. For used dishes next to the main table an additional, small one is placed, on which guests will fold the empty dishes.

Registration of a buffet table implies the decor of the buffet table. Leave in the center a place for a bouquet of flowers, a basket with whole fruits, candles, theme figurines (snowmen – for the New Year or angels – at a holiday in honor of Krestin) and another decor – edible or inedible. Registration of a buffet table should be no less thoughtful than the design of a traditional holiday table.

Buffet menu

Restrictions for the buffet menu does not exist. The only requirement is the convenience of meals. For the most part it is a variety of snacks that are easy to put on a plate and eat. Salads are preferable to light ones — multilayer “fur coats” and heavy “Olivier” are best left for the New Year.

Since the same utensils are used for serving the table, as with a normal feast, the dishes can be varied. The only requirement is that the meals for the buffet should be served already sliced ​​and divided into portions – they should be in such a way that it would be most convenient for guests to put them on an individual plate and to be treated to what is called "on the go." If this is a fish, then in the form of a fillet, if pieces of chicken, then boneless.

Buffet Canape

Canape – this is the most simple, but quite rich in cooking snack, perfect for a buffet table. The advantage of canapés is that they can be prepared according to various recipes – in any refrigerator there are almost always suitable ingredients for this.

The principle of cooking canapé is the same. Take black or white bread, cut into slices thick

Bread can be fresh or slightly dried in the oven. The most popular base for canapés is the French loaf. From above, bread is smeared with sauce or butter, depending on the recipe, on which the appetizer itself and its decorations are already placed. You can serve canapés with the device, with the help of which the sandwich is put on a plate, or on small skewers, which is even more convenient.

Canapes with cheese cream

For him, grated cheese is mixed with a small amount of mayonnaise and chopped dill, after which it is laid out in a heap on top of the grain base, on which a leaf of lettuce lies. Decorate such a sandwich can be greens or fruit pieces. A grape, slice of melon or pear will do. You can diversify the recipe if you add a little garlic to the cheese, and spread the mass not on bread, but on a slice of tomato, decorating the design with an olive on a skewer or a toothpick.

Buffet Snacks: Cheese Canapes

Canapes with sausage

A pre-dried slice of bread is smeared with mayonnaise, a leaf of lettuce is placed on top, and a slice of ham or smoked sausage is placed on it. As an ornament, vegetables and greens are used. Let it not be too elegant, but for a large company it’s quite satisfying.

Menu for the holiday table

Red Fish Canapes

A slice of white bread is smeared with butter, salted red fish is laid on it, a lemon slice or a cucumber slice is placed on top.

Snacks for buffet canapes

Buffet Tartlets

Another solution for a buffet table is tartlets. . These are baskets of dough, which serve snacks or salads. The diameter of tartlets can be different – from 3 cm and more. Usually they are sold in large supermarkets, but with the usual muffin-shaped muffins, they can be baked at home from shortbread (tartlets recipe for snacks you will find in our article “Caviar Snacks Recipes").

Salads in tartlets

Basically, dough baskets can be stuffed with any salads. The only requirement is that salads should not be too thin so that the dough does not soak. For this reason, vegetable salads that give juice, do not put in tartlets.

Buffet Snacks: Salad Tartlets

You can cook a salad of boiled shrimp, green peas and fresh cucumber with mayonnaise dressing. Top salad sprinkled with grated cheese and decorated with sprigs of parsley or dill.

Menu for the holiday table

Another option is a fresh pineapple salad with smoked chicken fillet, seedless grapes and grated cheese. As a dressing, you can use not only mayonnaise, but also sweet yogurt. Depending on the sauce chosen, the taste of the salad will be different.

Tartlets Snacks

The classic recipe is caviar. The type of caviar depends on the material wealth, as well as the size of the tartlets. However, usually the smallest are taken so that the snack can be immediately put in the mouth. At the bottom of the tartlet put a few grams of softened butter, on which the caviar creeps in a heap. On top you can put a sprig of greens or half a slice of lemon.

Buffet Snacks

Buffet Rolls

Rolls can be prepared both on a bread basis and directly from the original main product. The advantage of rolls is that they are comfortable enough to eat, they are nourishing and look beautiful on the table.

Lavash roll

A thin layer of lavash is smeared with mayonnaise, and filamentous cheese and Korean carrots are laid on top of it on one edge. The roll is wrapped tightly and cut across into portioned rolls of the desired size. The filling can be varied – no less tasty rolls with smoked fish and fresh cucumbers or with ham and mushrooms.

Buffet Snacks: Rolls

Salmon roll

For its preparation, wide thin layers of salmon are needed, which are folded conically and the wide part upwards are laid out on the dish. A small piece of butter and a slice of lemon are placed inside each cone. To make butter easier to cut, it must first be cooled in the freezer.

Buffet Snacks: Red Fish Rolls

Beautiful and tasty buffet!

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