Menu for pancreatic recipes

Pancreatitis – this is a strong inflammation of the pancreas, caused by ingestion of spoiled food or overeating of some product.

It manifests itself quickly and suddenly, and its main symptom is an unbearable sharp pain in the abdomen, side, around the whole body – each one manifests itself in different ways. You must immediately go to the hospital to examine the symptoms and make a diagnosis.

In any condition, treatment will be prescribed, and the main indication for its successful completion is strict diet. The doctor prescribes an exemplary menu for pancreatitis, there are recipes on the Internet, it must be observed necessarily.

Banned with pancreatitis foods

  • fatty, fried and spicy dishes,
  • sausages, wieners, aspic, bacon, lard and smoked meats,
  • fatty meat, fish, canned food,
  • mushrooms, almost all berries, fruits, cabbage, onions, garlic,
  • any baking, confectionery, sweets, chocolate,
  • hot tea, coffee, soft drinks and soda, fruit drinks, alcohol.

Menu for pancreatic recipes

When exacerbating pancreatitis, all the above-mentioned products are excluded from the menu in order not to burden the pancreas, not to provoke enhanced production of gastric juice, and not to irritate the inflamed walls.

Pancreatitis-Allowed Products

  • lean meat and fish, chicken,
  • yesterday’s dried black bread,
  • vegetables, preferably boiled, cut into small pieces,
  • rice and buckwheat porridge, oatmeal on water and milk,
  • dairy products, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream is better not to eat,
  • decoctions of herbs and wild rose berries, dried apple compotes,
  • pasta in small quantities.

Thats basically detailed list the fact that you can eat with pancreatitis, and it is better in the first 2-3 months to adhere to tips and recommendations so as not to cause a recurrence of the attack.

You need to know that you have to eat in small portions, 6 times a day, all food should be almost cold. All vegetables are boiled and rubbed on a grater, it is recommended mashed potatoes, it is better to roll the meat into the stuffing. Kashi need to eat 1 time a day, salt a little.

Naturally, when they come home from the hospital, many people have a question about what to prepare for pancreatitis, if the list of permitted foods is rather limited, and a lot of tasty dishes are forbidden by a doctor. You should not panic and be upset – there are a huge number of useful recipes that can diversify any strict diet.

But the recipe for gingerbread-kozul will not come in handy for you, alas …

Acute pancreatitis: a menu for one day

Breakfast: mashed potatoes and boiled fish, grated carrots on a fine grater, tea with milk.

Extra breakfast: cottage cheese. Sour cream is better not to add, give preference to natural yogurt.

Dinner: Soup of mashed grated vegetables, meat chops, baked with carrots, bread, compote of dried apples.

Tea time: steam omelette

Dinner: Buckwheat with boiled chicken, bread, jelly.

Before bedtime: kefir.

On the basis of such a diet menu for pancreatitis for a day, it is not difficult to make up a diet for the whole week, guided by the principles of usefulness, diversity and nutritional value. Boiled fish or chicken, meat chops, meatballs, cereals, omelets, mashed potatoes – the list of dishes is not limited to just those listed.

Useful recipes for pancreatitis

  1. Meat pudding with semolina.

Boil a small piece of veal pulp and warm through a meat grinder. While the meat is boiled, a tablespoon of semolina is soaked for half an hour in water. Everything is mixed, 1 egg and softened butter are added, once again stirred and laid out in a heated form. You can cook pudding in a slow cooker, you can steamed. Serve slightly warm, you can pour the sauce.

  1. Zucchini soup.

Peel and finely chop a small zucchini and a small onion, put in a saucepan, add a little water to hide the vegetables, put the stew. Separately heat the broth from the vegetables, mix it with 2 spoons of flour, cook for about 10 minutes. Add here stewed zucchini with onions, insist under the lid. Put greens in a plate and chopped hard-boiled egg yolk.

  1. Cottage cheese casserole.

Mix 2 yolks with 2 spoons of granulated sugar, add whites mixed with a mixer, 4 spoons of flour, 400 grams of cottage cheese. All mix until smooth, grease the pan with butter, put the mixture and put in a bake in the oven.

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