Masala tea recipe

Tandoori masala is a multicomponent blend of spices, traditionally used in the kitchens of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Tandoori masala gives food a pronounced spicy taste and rich smoked flavor. For the first time this mixture of spices began to be made in India. Here, traditionally, this seasoning is used for cooking in cylindrical clay ovens – tandoori. Hence the name of the spice – "tandoori". The word "masala" – means a mixture (a mixture of spices).

Masala tea recipe

Tandoori Masala Recipes and Cooking

In Indian cuisine, there is no one single recipe for tandoori masala. Due to the climatic and national characteristics of the region.

We can buy ready-made seasoning tandoori masala in stores of Indian spices or in large supermarkets. And we can make tandoori masala at home. I prefer to make my own mix. And you?

This Indian seasoning is incredibly easy to make at home. For this we need just a few simple spices. I am sure that most of them are already in your kitchen.

Masala tea recipe

For which dishes can you use Tandoori Masala seasoning

Tandoori masala is a rather spicy mix of spices. Suitable for cooking meat, fish, vegetable dishes. Spice gives a rich smoked flavor to meat dishes, creating an appetizing delicious smell of meat delicacy.

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Traditionally in India, this seasoning is used for pickling products. Subsequently, pickled foods are roasted over a fire. As a basis for the preparation of the marinade, you can use acetic water, yogurt, kefir, mayonnaise. Plus, onion is added to it, cut into rings, and a large amount of tandoori masala is poured. It turns out a thick marinade, where you can marinate, for example, pieces of soy meat, and then fry them in a frying pan or bake in the oven.

Tandoori masala can turn ordinary food into a real culinary wonder.

Tandoori Masala composition

Tandoori masala – composition number 1

  • ½ cup dry red kashmir chilli pepper
  • ¼ cup of coriander seeds
  • one

Tandoori masala – part number 2

  • 1 tbsp. l cumin (zira) seeds
  • 1 tbsp. l coriander seeds
  • 1-2 anise stars
  • 3/4

How to cook tandoori masala at home. The principle of cooking seasoning

Heat the dry wok on the stove, pour whole spices there, keep the spices in the pan constantly stirring (so as not to burn) until they begin to exude the aroma (2-3 minutes on average). Turn off the fire, let the spices cool. Add spices in the powder, mix. The resulting mixture is placed in a blender, grind to a smooth powder. We transfer the finished tandoori masala seasoning to a clean, hermetic container for storing spices.

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