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Every housewife who wants to surprise her guests will appreciate our new review on the decoration and design of dishes called “Beautiful cuts from different products for each day and the festive table”.

LikVik tried to collect for you the most beautiful cuts from fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, sausages, meat rolls in many examples, embodying that your guests will be delighted with such an original presentation.

Stylish and beautiful cuts, shown below, are suitable for different events, feasts, buffets and celebrations, because we tried to collect the best interpretations in the original style and combination of various ingredients.

It is very important that beautiful cuts are made exclusively from the freshest products, because sliced ​​vegetables, fruits, cheese and meat products tend to dry out, losing their beautiful appearance under the influence of external factors.

Beautiful cuts can be arranged on a plate in different ways, the main thing is that the dishes of your choice be combined with other serving items.

Beautiful cuts can be made on a large, small, medium plate, as well as on a tray of the original form, which will set a stylish design for the future culinary masterpiece.

We all understand that beautiful cuts from fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheese and

Beautiful cuts of ingredients that can be cut in any way are made with sharp knives or special devices for automatic cutting, which greatly facilitates the work of women and professional chefs.

Before you create beautiful cuts for your celebration, we recommend, in addition to preparing all the necessary ingredients, look at the photo examples of cuts in different styles, so that you can draw up for yourself a clear picture of the future actions for decorating your snacks.

It would not hurt, of course, to train if you plan to create not only beautiful cuts, but also original ones by design.

For example, try to fold beautiful flowers from sausage, meat tubes, decorative edible figures from fruits, vegetables, tasty bouquets, butterflies and hearts and

Describe in detail how to cut beautiful cuts from fruits, vegetables, sausage, cheese and

But to show how to make beautiful cuts in the most luxurious examples and presentation options, LikVik took for himself the goal in this review, because it will be an excellent find for many novice hostesses who have not yet had much practice in culinary matters.

Beautiful fruit slices

Fruits are always tasty, and they can easily replace the pastry pastry, if you do not have time to bake a cake for the arrival of guests. Virtually all large fruits can be cut in all sorts of ways due to their soft texture.

Making fruit cakes photo

The choice of method depends on how soon you will serve fruit cuts, because each fruit is juicy in different ways and a different amount of time can also be stored in a sliced ​​form.

Beautiful fruit slices can include different types of grapes, oranges and tangerines, kiwi and passion fruit, watermelon and melon, bananas and apples and

The list can be continued, because in the world there is a huge amount of various fruits, and perhaps your beautiful cuts will include some exotic rare fruit brought from the rest.

Beautiful slices of fruit can be cut into slices, strips, cubes, plates, slices, as well as in different ways to lay out really original cuts that will impress everyone.

Fruit dessert can also be made in the form of carving, as well as laying out beautiful cuts on previously prepared forms, replacing the usual plates.

Beautiful cuts of meat and sausage

Beautiful cuts of meat and sausages – this is already tasty, only you thought about creating this type of snack. We advise you to make combined cuts from meat and sausage products, which looks very original, causes an unprecedented appetite, and is very convenient in terms of serving.

Meat cuts can be served with cheeses, vegetables, fruits, sauces, greens, depending on what types of meat and sausages are present on your plate.

The most common round and combined cuts, but modern housewives offer to experiment by putting pork, beef, turkey and other meats in different ways and forms, and adding them, for example, flowers of boiled or smoked sausage, slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, multi-colored pepper.

Beautiful sliced ​​vegetables

Like fruits, beautiful slicing from vegetables can be done not only with traditional slices, strips, and circles, but also in the form of carving.

Beautiful vegetable cuts are always very original due to the different shades of seasonal ingredients. Vegetable slices most often include tomatoes, cucumbers, different types of peppers, cabbage, onions, which can be served on the table in one tandem or be combined with meats, fish and

Beautiful vegetable cuts are often decorated with flowers, and the perfect solution would be to complement your culinary product with greens.

Making fruit cakes photo

Beautiful sliced ​​cheese

Cheese cuts are often included in the combined types of cuts or are served separately on a plate with various types of hard and soft cheeses located on it.

Remember, not all cheeses are cut equally. It all depends on their consistency and appearance, so think in advance about how and how you will chop cheese slices, slices, strips, plates, cubes.

Beautiful slices of cheese can be placed on salad leaves and other types of greens, which will harmoniously fit into your table setting and decoration of other cooked dishes.

Beautiful cheese cuts are very often combined with figs, grapes, nuts and even honey, creating savory variations of the taste of the proposed combinations.

Beautiful fish cuts

And finally, let’s consider fish cuts, which are also very revered at the celebrations, because seafood has always been valued by us as a delicious and special dish.

Beautiful fish slices can be laid out in a circle or according to a previously prepared form, for example, in the form of a big fish. The fish must first be inspected, cleaned, milled to remove any ugly particles.

For cutting can be used red varieties of fish, as well as the beloved herring, which goes well with boiled potatoes and onions.

They are complemented by beautiful cuts made from fish with greens, mustard seeds, salted vegetables, and lemon slices, which give a particularly savory acidity to fish snacks.

Each type of slicing is worthy to appear on your table, so experiment, look for new solutions, make beautiful slices, delighting guests with a great approach to the design of dishes.

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