Maggi curd menu

Curd diets are some of the most useful diets and can rightly be called salvation for those who have long dreamed of a slim figure.

Cottage cheese is often one of the main components of many diets and this is no accident, because cottage cheese contains a very impressive amount of nutrients needed by the body, so during the cottage cheese containing diet your body will not suffer from a lack of useful elements.

Diet on cottage cheese – benefits for the body

The useful properties of the product include:

  • with moderate fat content (up to 4-5%), this is a dietary product;
  • it is used for therapeutic purposes in obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension with obesity;
  • it is used for circulatory failure, liver and biliary tract diseases;
  • it is rich in calcium and phosphorus, contains proteins, milk fats, as well as substances that promote the breakdown of fat;
  • cottage cheese diet will have a beneficial effect on the condition of nails, teeth, hair, bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis;
  • the protein of this product is easily absorbed by the body, while we quickly get saturated with cottage cheese;
  • its regular use speeds up the metabolism, improves the functioning of the nervous system;
  • sometimes the diuretic effect is also beneficial due to the high content of calcium salts in the product.

Maggi curd menu

General recommendations

Here are a few recommendations for the successful use of a diet for weight loss:

☀ Cottage cheese is used only fresh, non-greasy, preferably homemade.

☀ Fruits for an extended diet – choose according to the season. The content of vitamins is important for losing weight from 7 days or longer.

☀ If you decide to try the curd-egg diet – carefully choose eggs. The shell must be strong and clean.

☀ After the end do not pounce on familiar products.

☀ The first three days, it is advisable to use oatmeal for breakfast, not to overload lunch and dinner.

Types of cottage cheese diets

Curd diet for 3 days

There are several types of diets using cottage cheese, the most optimal of them – a diet for 3 days.

Meals containing cottage cheese are basic, but they can be diluted by including fruits, vegetables, cereals, juices and unsweetened tea in the menu.

The three-day diet recommends eating a main cottage cheese meal during lunch. During breaks after the main meals, you can eat an orange, cucumber, drink a glass of juice, mineral water or a cup of green tea. This helps to somewhat diversify the menu, to make it more satisfying. Over the entire period of such nutrition, you can lose up to 5 extra pounds.

This type of diet is more rigid than its other variants. With this diet, it is necessary to eat 200 g of cottage cheese every 2-3 hours without any additives (for example, sour cream, sugar and salt). To dilute a little cottage cheese, you can add citrus, natural low-fat yogurt, a little dried apricots or honey. Drink it all recommend 1% kefir, which improves the absorption of this dish. During this diet, according to nutritionists, it is possible to throw not only up to 4 kg, but also reduce the volume of the stomach and improve your health.

Curd diet for a week

Week diet helps lose 3-4 kg of excess weight.

For breakfast it is recommended to eat unsalted porridge (small portion), boiled lean meat (100 g) and vegetables (cucumber, tomato). Morning tea can be supplemented with 1 teaspoon of honey or jam.

For lunch it is necessary to eat a portion of cottage cheese or a dietary dish made from it (200 g). Meal can be supplemented with rye toast.

Maggi curd menu

Dinner is similar to dinner, but bread will have to be abandoned.

Apples can be used as snacks.

During the day, you need to drink

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