Lush Cheesecakes

We present to your attention the simplest, but at the same time, the best and incredibly tasty ways of cooking lush curd cheese curds. Recipes are presented with photos and painted step by step for your convenience, dear hostesses!

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Classic lush cheese cakes

To begin with – a classic recipe for making lush cheesecakes, which is perfect for novice hostesses. It is simple in execution, but, despite this, the dish is obtained beyond all praise: lush, juicy inside, and at the same time – do not spread in a frying pan.

• 300 g of cottage cheese • 1 egg • 3 tbsp. spoons of flour + a little for sprinkling • a pinch of salt • 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar • vegetable oil for frying

1. Put the cottage cheese in a bowl. The fat content of the dairy product is chosen according to your taste. Just pay attention that it is not too dry. In the bowl add all the sugar.

2. Add salt and egg. It is advisable to take home, but if there is none, the store will do. However, if the eggs are very small, better stick two.

3. Mix well the mass.

Lush Cheesecakes

4. Pour flour into the curd dough.

Tip: It is important not to overdo the flour, otherwise the cheesecakes will turn out to be hard, and if the flour lives too little, then the balls will simply spread over the pan. Liquid cheesecakes will be very difficult to turn. Therefore, observe the measure!

5. Now you can knead our dough. Make it better with a fork, crushing pieces of cottage cheese. If the dough is homogeneous, then cheesecakes when frying or baking will turn out to be more magnificent and tender. Put the mass on a chopping board or table, sprinkled with flour. 6. Hands also sprinkle a little flour, so that the balls do not stick and begin to form small balls. Then the balls are a little flat – it looks more like cheesecakes!

7. Pour the oil into the pan and heat it up. We spread our cheesecakes. If you are fond of butter, then you can fry on it, or use a more useful product – olive oil. Only it is necessary to take into account that the taste of the product will acquire another.

8. Fry our cheesecakes and turn them over to a pleasant crust of golden color. We prepare the other side as much in time as the first. It all depends on how your pan keeps warm. Usually one side of cheesecakes roast for no more than three minutes.

9. When our lush cheesecakes are ready, you can serve them with various kinds of stuffing: condensed milk, sour cream, jam or jam.

Recipe for delicious curd cheesecakes with vanilla

The aroma of vanilla will save even the very failed baking. The smell of this spice will turn anyone’s head, he beckons to him with an incredibly appetizing call. Cheesecakes with the addition of vanilla essence or vanilla are very tasty and lush. And if you are going to cook cheesecakes from homemade cottage cheese, which has a small smell, then vanilla will easily fix this unpleasant defect! So, we proceed.

For 10 small cheesecakes you need:

• 370 g of cottage cheese • 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar (it is possible and more – whoever he likes) • a pinch of salt • 2 large eggs • vanilla essence 2 drops or 1 g vanilla • flour about 3-4 tbsp. spoons • butter for roasting

1. Curd medium-fat through a sieve or crush with a fork. If the kitchen has a blender – then the work is facilitated. Cottage cheese should be soft, without lumps, then cheesecakes will be lush and soft.

2. Add an egg to the curd. Next – salt, sugar and vanilla.

3. Stir the curd until the salt and sugar dissolve.

4. Prepare the flour. In order for cheesecakes to be lush, it is important to sift the flour and add to our egg-milk mixture.

5. Knead dough for cheesecakes. It must be kneaded well. It should not be very tight, or vice versa – liquid. Hands roll small cheesecakes.

6. Balls and spread them on the pan already heated with oil. Fry to a blush and turn over. It is better to set the fire medium so that the dessert does not burn.

Here are ready curvy cheesecakes in a hurry! The recipe is quite simple and does not take much time.

Recipe for fluffy cheesecakes "like in childhood"

The menu from the kindergarten is remembered with a kind word by almost every person. How tasty it all seemed then! Pleasant memories can be translated into reality, cook cheesecakes according to this recipe. The dessert turns out magnificent and fragrant, as in the childhood. Let’s start!

• 300 g of cottage cheese • a drop of vanillin (we dilute the powder in boiling water) • 70 g of sugar • 2 yolks (if the eggs are not large, then take 3 yolks) • 75 g of flour • oil for frying

1. Cottage cheese carefully rubbed through a sieve with a spoon

2. The yolks are separated from the proteins and add to the curd.

3. Add sugar and sifted flour to the bowl with curd. Knead dough.

4. From the mass of curd roll balls, for convenience, you can use a cutting board, sprinkled with flour.

5. Fry on hot oil on both sides of the curd to golden brown. Decorate the finished dessert to taste and eat to the table.

Lush Cheesecakes

Tip: It is not necessary to put a lot of cheesecakes in the pan at once. Products will rise in the procession of frying, and increase in volume. Cheesecakes may not have enough space in the pan, and they stick together with each other.

Lush Cheesecakes

In this recipe cheesecakes are very lush. They are absolutely harmless to kids, but on the contrary, they are very useful. But it is important to consider one thing – all the ingredients for cheesecakes should be fresh!

• 2 packs of fresh cottage cheese 250 g • 1 egg • a pinch of salt • 1 tbsp. spoon of sugar • 3-4 tbsp. spoon flour + a little bit for breading • vegetable oil for frying.

1. Mix cottage cheese with sugar and egg in a bowl.

2. Add sifted flour to the curd mass.

3. Mix all the ingredients and leave so the dough. The secret of this preparation is that the adze has a little rest. Therefore, it is important to wait a little time.

4. Pour flour in a plate and lay out our rested dough.

5. We roll small balls and put them on a cutting board for convenience.

6. On a preheated pan, watered with oil, lay out the balls formed from our mass.

7. Fry cheesecakes for several minutes on each side.

8. Spread the cooked cheesecakes on a plate.

9. After the dessert is ready, it can be served with sour cream, condensed milk or jam.

Curd cheesecakes from curd mass with raisins

The recipe for cheesecakes from the curd mass with raisins can be safely called an excellent way out for those who have no time to wipe the curd through a sieve. And even the curd cheese cooked according to this recipe can be not roasted, but baked in the oven. What is a great solution for those who watch their figure. After all, no butter is needed for baking. The most that you need is baking paper, so as not to suffer later, tearing the dessert from the pan.

• 300 g of curd mass with raisins • 1 egg • 55 g of sugar • 50 g of flour + little sprinkling • cooking oil or parchment

1. Beat the egg thoroughly with a whisk.

2. Add curd to the egg. If you do not really like sweet, then you can not add additional sugar, as the mass itself is already very sweet.

3. Add the remaining sugar and sifted flour.

4. Put a spoonful of mass on a sprinkled with a plate, cover with a cup and form a cheesecake. And so we do with each spoonful of mass.

5. Carefully place cheesecakes in a frying pan with butter or in an oven heated to 180 degrees

6. Fry in butter until crust, not forgetting to turn. If you cook in the oven, then we cover with parchment and keep dessert in it for about half an hour.

7. Pour cheesecakes with heat on a plate. Dessert can be decorated with berries and served with sour cream.

As you can see, it is not difficult to cook lush cheesecakes for everyone to eat. The main thing is to devote a little of your precious time and stock up on the necessary list of fresh products. Enjoy your meal!

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