Lula kebab recipe

Today we will present you a step-by-step recipe – lula kebab on skewers. We will also tell you about how such a dish can be cooked at home, without using charcoal and charcoal.

General information about the dish

Before telling you how to make the correct kebab, you should tell what this dish is.

The term “lula kebab” is of Turkic-Arabic origin. It consists of two words: “lula”, that is, “pipe”, and “kebab”, that is, “roasted meat”. This is a meat dish that is very common in Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Balkans.

Cooking principle

Lyulya kebab, the photo of which is presented in this article, is a dish of minced meat strung on a skewer and grilled. Most often, this lunch is made from fatty chopped lamb and onions. Moreover, they never add eggs or bread to mincemeat.

The peculiarity of the preparation of the dish in question is the prolonged kneading of the meat ingredient. Such a process is necessary for the protein to stand out from the minced meat, and it becomes dense and viscous. Only in this case, minced meat will sit firmly on a skewer and will not fall apart during its heat treatment.

Spices in Lyula kebab are added in limited quantities. As a rule, only pepper and salt are put in the mince.

The sauce for lula kebab is made very rarely. This is due to the fact that properly cooked dish and so it turns out very juicy.

In most cases, such a dinner is presented to the table along with pita bread and greens. It should also be noted that in the Caucasus, kebabs are often cooked not only from mutton, but also from other types of meat, such as beef and poultry. By the way, walnuts are often added to it.

Step-by-step recipe for kebab skewers

Only a small number of housewives know exactly how this dish is prepared. Therefore, we decided to tell you about how Khankishiyev Stalik does it. Kebab is his favorite dish. According to the famous culinary specialist, to prepare such a dinner, we need:

  • lamb fat (only meat parts) – about 3 kg;
  • white bulb – 500 g;
  • fat tail fat – about 500 g;
  • table salt – for each kg of minced meat on the 1st big spoon (without a hill);
  • zira – for each kg of minced meat ½ large spoon;
  • crushed black pepper – ½ large spoon for each kg of minced meat;
  • ground coriander – for each kg of minced meat on the 1st big spoon (without a slide).

Meat processing

How to implement the recipe for lyula kebab on skewers? First you need to process the main ingredient. Fat lamb is thoroughly washed, cut off all unnecessary elements from it, and then spread on a large and smooth board. Chop the meat product preferably using culinary axes (2 pcs.). This is necessary in order to make the dish as tasty, juicy and tender as possible.

Lula kebab recipe

Grind fat lamb should be until then, until it is converted into a homogeneous and fine stuffing. If in the process of chopping the meat begins to stick to the axes, then they are recommended to be lowered into boiling water for a few seconds. On hot steel, the fat will not stick, and the process of grinding lamb is much easier.

Processing other ingredients

Kebab on the fire turns out to be very fragrant and tasty. But before proceeding with its heat treatment, it is necessary to prepare a uniform stuffing. To do this, use a pound of onions and the same amount of fat tail. Both ingredients are thoroughly washed, cut off all unnecessary films and tendons, and then very finely chopped with a regular knife or ax.

Other ingredients in the form of bread soaked in milk or eggs should not be used. Otherwise, the taste of the Caucasian dish will be irreversibly spoiled.

Cooking minced meat

The presented recipe – lyulya-kebab on skewers – requires careful mixing of minced meat. To do this, move it into a large form, and then add the previously chopped onions and fat tail. The ingredients are long stirred by the hands. This is necessary not only to ensure that fat tail and onions are evenly distributed over meat, but also so that it secretes protein. During kneading the stuffing forms peculiar threads. They will keep him on skewers, not allowing him to fall apart.

After a long and thorough mixing of the ingredients, pre-cooked spices are laid out to them. Thus, table salt, cumin, ground coriander and allspice are alternately added to the minced meat. After that, the products are once again well mixed, but in order that the spices are evenly distributed over the lamb.

Do you know how the dish being cooked is prepared by Khankishiyev Stalik? Lyulya-kebab turns juicy, but it does not lose its shape due to the special preparation of minced meat. The famous culinary specialist claims that for this, he evenly distributes the finished meat product on the bottom of the dishes, where the lamb was previously stirred, and then covered with cooking foil and sent to the refrigerator. This is necessary so that the fat is well frozen, and the dish was formed easily and quickly.

How to properly shape?

Before frying Lyulya kebab on the fire, fragrant lamb meat should be properly strung on a skewer. To do this, the hands are soaked in hot water, and then they take the meat product in the amount of a full male fist. They make a kind of cutlet out of it, making sure that it does not have any cracks.

After the described actions, the product is carefully strung on a long skewer and begins to distribute it over the entire length. At the same time, the skewer is actively turned around its axis, and with its palm it is strongly pressed the mince, so that there is no air left inside it. If the air pockets still remain, then most likely the lula kebab will fall apart into pieces during the heat treatment process.

Cooking on the grill

After all the stuffing will be on skewers, they are immediately put on the grill with coals. Turning regularly, make sure that the dish is not burnt, but is fully cooked, becomes fragrant and very tasty.

The first sign that the kebab is roasted is the juice, which begins to actively drip from the stuffing.

How to present guests a tasty Caucasian dish?

After heat treatment of the dish on the grill it is carefully removed and spread on a large plate. To the table such lunch can be presented right on skewers. Although some housewives prefer to remove the meat pieces and put them on a plate decorated with greens and fresh vegetables.

Lula kebab recipe

As a rule, lula kebab is consumed along with Caucasian lavash, cucumbers and tomatoes. We have already said that for a properly made dish there is no need to additionally prepare various sauces and dressings. After all, the real kebab and so it turns out incredibly juicy and tender.

How to cook lula kebab at home?

Now you know how Khankishiyev Stalik prefers to cook such a tasty Caucasian dish like lula kebab. However, it should be noted that there are other ways to create it. Which ones, we will consider right now.

Lula kebab recipe

The chicken kebab on the grill is cooked according to the same recipe as presented above. But what should those hostesses who have no opportunity to kindle a fire and fry a delicious Caucasian dinner on coals? In this case, kebab is recommended to cook in the oven. Of course, such a dinner will not have that pleasant aroma and taste that is inherent in the meat on the coals. However, with proper preparation, you will surely impress your household with a tasty and satisfying dish. What do we need for this? To make kebab at home, you must purchase:

  • fatty beef (only meat parts) – about
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