Low-calorie menu for the week 1200 kcal

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Low-calorie menu for the week 1200 kcal

Diets for 4 days – strict low-calorie nutrition systems, the purpose of which is not so much to save a large number of kilograms as to unload the body and force yourself to love proper nutrition. In addition, such short courses are often used before starting long-term weight loss programs. In these cases, the 4-day plan should be selected in accordance with the further scheme of weight loss. Also, a diet for 4 days should be selected depending on lifestyle, physical fitness and individual characteristics.

Essence and rules

Short-term strict diets become for the body a strong stress, and their result is often short-lived. Therefore, all nutritionists call for a gradual and safe weight loss, in which the weight loss for 1 week is no more than 1 kg. However, for a quick reduction in body size, for example, before an important event, for unloading or preparing for a more substantial weight loss program, such techniques are indispensable.

Low-calorie menu for the week 1200 kcal

One of the main drawbacks of diets for 4 days is that weight loss in such a short period of time is not due to the breakdown of fat, but mainly due to the removal of fluid from the tissues and contents from the intestines.

Therefore, at the end of the diet course, you must either switch to the correct moderate diet, or begin to maintain a balanced diet. If you do not change the old diet, then all efforts will be in vain.

At its core, any diet for 4 days is a discharge-cleansing technique that can be applied no more than 1 time per month. Due to the removal of excess water, toxins and toxins, not so much weight loss occurs as the reduction of the load on the digestive system and the activation of metabolism. In addition, the prerequisites are created to accelerate the breakdown of fats, but this process can begin with further dietary or proper balanced nutrition.

To make the 4-day diet as effective as possible, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Do not skip breakfast, because it accelerates the metabolism and stabilizes all metabolic processes.
  2. Do not endure hunger throughout the day – the body can be "deceived" if you drink kefir, tea or even plain water.
  3. Slightly increase physical activity, but do not overload yourself with workouts – regular walking, jogging or swimming is enough.

With the right combination of diet and physical activity for 4 days, you can lose up to 6 kg or even more. However, it is imperative that during this period there was no feeling of hunger. Otherwise, the metabolism will begin to slow down, with the result that you can not get the expected result, but, on the contrary, provoke an intense weight gain.

Types of diets for 4 days

The advantage of such short-term methods is a very wide range of products and menu options based on them. Today there are a large number of varieties of 4-day diets, each of which can be very effective if all the rules are strictly followed.

"4 days – 4 products"

Diets consisting of a set of mono-diet, are particularly popular. They are based on a variety of products and have a different duration. In this case, the minimum rate at which you can get visible results, is exactly 4 days. Thus, it turns out the power supply system, which includes 4 products that are used on separate days, and they in turn alternate with each other.

Essence and rules

The proposed diet consists of natural low-calorie foods. The most commonly used vegetable and protein foods based on the alternation of days. Compliance with all such techniques requires the implementation of several general recommendations:

  1. Daily should drink from 2 liters of pure water.
  2. The total number of products should be divided into equal portions and consumed in 5-6 doses during the day.

A prerequisite for the effectiveness of such methods is strict adherence to the proposed menu and the number of products allocated per day. If the volume is not indicated, then they can be used indefinitely, but without overeating.

Sample menu

The diet menu "4 days – 4 products" by the day can be represented by the following options:

  • 1st: buckwheat porridge;
  • 2nd: green vegetables;
  • 3rd: boiled chicken breast;
  • 4th:
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