List of dietary foods for diabetics

In the arsenal of modern medicine a lot of tools that allow diabetics to live and work normally. But no drugs can help if the patient is malnourished. Diet is the basis of treatment. It either increases the effectiveness of medical devices, or reduces their effect to nothing. The list of products for diabetes is listed in the Pevzner diet table No. 9. It provides good nutrition with normal calories and the correct composition of proteins.

General principles of clinical nutrition in diabetes

It is important to keep the balance of caloric intake and energy expenditure. To maintain the normal functioning of the body, at least 2,300 Kcal per day is necessary. A schedule and diet should be developed, adhering to the following principles:

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Avoid excess calories. Need to take into account the basic energy consumption, physical activity. It is important that the diabetic does not go hungry.

Carbohydrate restriction. This is the basic principle of diet for diabetics.

Equal intervals. You need to eat strictly by the hour to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Approximately identical portions. The daily ration should be divided into 5-6 approximately equal parts in order to stabilize the glucose level.

A large number of vegetables. Violation of carbohydrate metabolism leads to the formation in the body of a large number of toxic substances that must be removed in a timely manner. Fiber from vegetables stimulates this process.

List of dietary foods for diabetics

Cooked food should not be seasoned too much. The sharper the food, the more you want to eat, and this can lead to an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. For the same reasons, do not drink alcohol.

Diabetics who are obese need to adjust their diet by removing foods that trigger an increase in appetite, and adding those that permanently give a feeling of fullness. All kinds of cabbage are welcome – raw and pickled, green peas, spinach. When choosing seasonal vegetables should give preference to cucumbers and tomatoes.

What you can: a list of products for diabetes

Every day you need to eat seafood, tomatoes, cabbage (all kinds are allowed, including white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts), cucumbers, greens, eggplants and zucchini. This is the "golden" list of products for diabetes. Meals from them normalize glucose levels. Vegetables are preferably eaten raw or after minimal heat treatment.

List of dietary foods for diabetics

In the list of allowed products:

Meat, poultry low-fat varieties. You can cook dishes from chicken (you should first remove the skin), rabbit, lean veal, turkey.

A fish. All varieties of fish are allowed.

Eggs Care must be taken when consuming chicken egg yolk. Proteins, as well as quail eggs are not limited.

Milk products. Everything is possible, but you have to carefully read the composition. In yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese should not be any extraneous additives and sugar.

Whole wheat bread. It is best to choose a special diet bread or bake cakes from corn flour.

Vegetable oils. It is important to monitor the quality.

Some fruits, vegetables (except starchy) berries. The diet should include citrus fruits, apples, radishes, eggplants, leafy greens. All berries are useful. Blueberry deserves special attention.

Cooked foods should be seasoned with black and red pepper (in small quantities), ginger, cinnamon. In soups and porridges it is desirable to add turmeric.

Attention: blueberries are a super-healthy berry for diabetics.

In 2010, Swedish scientists conducted a study, the results of which convincingly prove that blueberries are extremely useful for patients with diabetes. The experiment was attended by volunteers who consumed 40 grams. berries every day. After 6 weeks, the blood sugar level of diabetics significantly decreased. This gives reason to recommend blueberries for daily use.

Foods that should be excluded from the diet

There are several types of foods that are strictly prohibited in diabetes:

Flour. All products from white flour are strictly prohibited.

Sweet. Harmful food with sucrose, fructose, so you have to give up not only confectionery, but also from sweet fruits – fresh and dried. It is harmful to eat grapes, persimmon, apricots, dried apricots, raisins, dates. You can not pears, plums and some other fruits. Honey and most artificial sweeteners (except those specifically designed for people with diabetes) are banned.

Starchy vegetables. We’ll have to limit the use of potatoes, carrots, beets.

Some cereals. Banned wheat and rice porridge.

Animal fats. It is undesirable for diabetics to eat sausage, pork, and other foods that have a lot of harmful fats.

Some people with diabetes, knowing that you can not drink alcohol, continue to drink beer, because they do not consider it an alcoholic beverage. Do not make such a mistake. Diabetics harmful any product that contains alcohol, even in small doses.

The main thing about the principles of nutrition and products for diabetes

If you have diabetes or are genetically predisposed to it, follow these principles of nutrition:

The diet should be balanced. You can not starve, but extra calories are useless.

Fractional power. The daily ration should be divided into equal portions and there is at regular intervals.

Carbohydrates and animal fats are enemies. The main nutritional condition for diabetics: less carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.

Vegetables and cereals – the basis of the diet. You need fiber and healthy carbohydrates, which will give a feeling of fullness.

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These principles of nutrition are suitable for people who want to protect themselves from the insidious disease or lose weight without harm to health.

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