Lilith in fish

Rune MANNAZ, MAN upside down Answer: Not

My advice: The enemy is inside. Need honesty towards yourself. Who and what would not interfere outside – most likely you overly see the situation. Do not dramatize events. Business is fooling yourself. Take your time, check everything. Relationships – everything is completely different from what you think now. Do not be silly, behave intelligently and carefully. It makes sense to listen to the opinion of a person whom you respect for the wisdom of Health – do not invent more than you have and do not romanticize the situation. It is highly likely that the disease has psychosomatic causes. Energy, astrological conformity – the burning of Mercury; struck Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces.

Lilith in fish

Ralph Blum: If you feel a barrier, this rune advises you to be honest with yourself. Do not think about others, but calmly look inside yourself in search of the enemies of your development. You will see that the external enemy is nothing more than a reflection of what you couldn’t or didn’t want to realize as coming from within. The challenge here is to break the inertia of past habits.

Khrzanowska Alla: Hoodedness, extreme selfishness, high or low self-esteem. Internal conflicts, pessimism, loss of orientation, alienation, loneliness. Dazzle, fanaticism, totalitarianism, tension, hostility. Gossip, quarrels, waste of energy on fruitless discussions and actions.

Lilith in fish

Anton Platov: The advice of this sign is honesty and impartiality in relations with your “I.” Perhaps your development has stumbled (stumbles) on the barrier; It may seem to you that someone or something is trying to interfere or harm you. Analyze the circumstances and understand the situation – in order to then turn to yourself and see that the external enemy is nothing more than a reflection of the internal enemy. It is necessary to highlight and clearly recognize it in order to win. Most likely, this enemy is the legacy of your past, and you can break it by breaking the inertia of the past course of action.

Konstantin Selchonok Situation: clamp and damage. Challenge: inner honesty. Caution: offense. Note: mobility. Tip: Humility. Consolation: decide on self-deepening. The main problem of the reverse Mannaz is an instrumental attempt to change the view of oneself by changing the usual stereotypes. Any habit that we have is a stereotype that fixes our I. It is enough to get up two hours earlier in the morning, break three cups and bathe in the milk bath, as we immediately change our view of ourselves. When a person receives a reverse Mannaz, this is the first sign that he must search for himself by changing his usual course of action. Our Self is fixed by habits, our Ego is fixed automatically by repeated stereotypical actions. And only having got rid of them, a person can touch the new facets of his own being.

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