Lentil Nutrition Facts

The use of legumes is always a very useful activity, and the use of sprouted lentils is not an exception. Why exactly germinated? – And the thing is that in such a state it turns out to be much more useful, and this has been proven more than once. A sufficiently large amount of research was carried out – theoretical and practical, in which the more effective benefit of sprouted lentils was established. If to explain in a nutshell, lentil seeds are a source of valuable protein, which, in turn, is easily digested. Also, it contains a lot of useful substances, and, therefore, a lot of useful properties that other similar plants and fruits do not possess.

Useful composition of germinated lentils

So, as for the composition of lentils, then it has a rather extensive spectrum of useful substances. Lentils are rich in various amino acids, such as:

Lentil Nutrition Facts

– lysine and tryptophan;

– methionine and thiamine.

Lentil Nutrition FactsIf we consider lentils as a vegetable product, then it is among them practically a record holder in the content of fats and carbohydrates, which are 15% and 60%, respectively. Also, lentils is a champion in its class in the content of minerals and trace elements. Thus, sprouted lentils is not just an addition to the dishes, but also to become a full-fledged, independent preparation.

Nutritious properties of germinated lentils

Germinated lentils from non-germinated, even distinguishes the content of such a substance as fiber. Thus, its percentage ratio before, and after germination, changes from

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