Kurabie cookies recipe

One of the most popular delicacies in Soviet times was Kurabie cookies. As you know, in that era, all products were made exclusively in accordance with state standards. The “Kurabiye Baku” was no exception. According to GOST, the baking recipe is surprising, because you need to take, for example, 151 g of powdered sugar or 582 g of high-grade flour. Today, there are simplified recipes.

Cookies come from Soviet childhood

“Kurabe” is an incredibly tasty pastry, which is a crumbly biscuit made from shortbread dough. The highlight of this delicacy is a drop of jam in the middle. You can use any jam you like.

Kurabie cookies recipe

In the culinary books of the last century, it is indicated that the kurabi in accordance with GOST is a dark yellow biscuit with apricot jam. Today, state standards have changed somewhat. Yes, and every housewife has his favorite recipe.

For baking, you will need a pastry bag to give the kurab a tortuous shape.

Kurabie cookies recipe

On a note! If you do not have a special pastry bag, make it from parchment paper or a strong plastic bag. You need to fill the bag, give it a cone shape and cut off the tip.

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