Kohlrabi recipe

Vegetable soups are an indispensable dish of lenten or vegetarian cuisine, but you can’t spoil them with meat broth! Soups made from traditional vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, carrots, pumpkins, turnips) are perfectly combined with beef broth, bean soups are great with smoked pork or bacon, for green soups (sorrel, mint, nettle, fennel, cress, swan) thinner poultry broths will do. Vegetables for soups taken finely shred. Often, vegetable soups are cooked with various cereals, pasta, or they add dumplings or crackers. Sour cream or olive oil, chopped eggs, grated cheese, finely chopped greens go well as a dressing. Tomatoes, nuts, olives will give the fresh vegetable soup a nice flavor. As an accompaniment when serving on the table, croutons or pies are perfect.

Vegetable soup with celery and green peas

If you do not want to contact dry peas, which you need to pre-soak, then replace it in soups with frozen green peas. The recipe of this vegetable soup with celery allows you to take into account the tastes of all households and choose a suitable set of prod.

Thick Tomato Soup with White Beans

Delicious, nourishing and fragrant thick soup made from white beans and vegetables – a great alternative to the usual traditional soups. Cooking such a soup is very easy and simple. It takes a minimum of ingredients available, desire and a little time to feed with.

Soup with lazy dumplings

A plate of such soup may well replace lunch. The thing is that in addition to vegetables add lazy dumplings to it. The recipe for soup with lazy dumplings-roses is not only simple and guaranteed a great result. The advantage of the recipe.

Squash soup with sour cream in Transcarpathian style

There are several recipes for zucchini soup. This is one of the easiest to prepare zucchini soups with the addition of a flour talker with sour cream and kefir. Squash soup can be prepared from frozen zucchini, pre-grated on a coarse grater. .

Leek Soup with Potatoes and Cheese

Chief in the recipe – leek. It is he who, in harmony with melted cheese, makes an uncomplicated vegetable cream soup into a hearty, but easy dish for lunch. The amount of water depends on the desired thickness of the finished dish. If you want a thicker soup.

Kohlrabi recipe

Cauliflower Cream Soup

For lunch it is good to make a light cauliflower cream soup with tomatoes and other vegetables. Despite the fact that the soup is a vegetable, the dish turns out not only delicious, but also hearty. However, due to the successful composition of the components, the soup goes low-calorie.

Soup puree of zucchini and green beans

The recipe for a light, lean soup of mashed zucchini with green beans. Even meat eaters will appreciate it. The tender texture of the soup will not leave anyone indifferent, and the presence of potatoes in the broth will make it nourishing. Beans for soup should be chosen quite young.

Lenten cabbage soup with pickled cucumbers "Assumption"

Recipe for cabbage soup with young cabbage without meat, but with the addition of pickled cucumbers. Cucumbers should be salted, but not pickled. It turns out seasonal lean soup, quite thick and satisfying. Products in the recipe are designed for a 2 liter saucepan. .

Spinach puree soup

The recipe for a light soup of mashed potatoes in vegetable broth with spinach is prepared by analogy with the Georgian vegetarian soup of shechandand. For its preparation you need a minimum of products – vegetable broth, fresh greens, onions and garlic. To soften the taste of greens,.

Schi from fresh cabbage in a slow cooker

Meat eaters believe that if there is no meat on the table, then lunch failed. Usually soups are cooked in meat broth. But, as practice shows, soup without meat to taste is just as good. But this vegetable soup is easier to digest. The recipe for soup in multicookers is simple to no.

Celery soup for weight loss

Celery is adored by connoisseurs of culinary and lovers of low-calorie lovers who are obsessed with overweight. And it is right! Soup from celery root turns out both tasty and healthy. Of course, you can exclude cream from the recipe, making the soup still bol.

Soup with smoked meat, zucchini and chickpeas

Recipe soup with smoked meat, zucchini and chickpeas for every day. If chickpeas and broth are prepared in advance, the soup will be ready in literally 30 minutes,

Lenten pickle

The recipe for Lenten pickle, which is suitable for diets No. 1a, 16, 2 with normal acidity, No. 5p, 15. And even if you do not follow any diets, I advise you to pay attention to this soup. Nothing superfluous, just in moderation, and therefore the result is sure to please.

Zucchini Soup with Beans

Zucchini soup with beans is suitable for any season, but in summer it is especially pleasant to cook it. Young tonkoshkuye zucchini, fragrant juicy greens, well, what else is needed for a delicious vegetable soup? It is desirable that you have already been pre-cooked broo.

Kohlrabi recipe

Fennel Cream Soup

The fennel pulp is juicy and crunchy, which is difficult to compare with any other vegetable. Fennel is eaten raw, added to salads, stewed, served with meat and fish dishes in the form of a side dish and sauce. And also prepare light and healthy soups. Especially pop.

Lean vegetable soup with basil

In this simple vegetable soup, basil not only creates a dizzying aroma, but also emphasizes the taste of a summer dish. By the way, the soup is thick, but light and unusual in taste. The recipe allows the use of both purple and green basil. T.

Soup with nettles, snytyu and green peas

While the season of fresh young wild greens, it’s time to cook soups with nettles and remove. The recipe for a soup with nettles and snytyu can be “ennobled” especially for fastidious eaters by adding green peas and separately cooked meat. Trying? .

Cream of broccoli and green beans

Stunning thick cream soup of broccoli and green beans will appeal to all lovers of vegetable soups. The soup is just perfect for a full meal. One of the advantages of the recipe is the simplicity and speed of cooking. Only 30-40 minutes and appetite.

Nettle soup with egg

For the soup, young nettle leaves are needed, which are pre-scalded and chopped before laying in the broth. Instead of broth, you can cook this soup and water. In this case, onions and carrots should be spasserovat in vegetable oil, add ka.

Jacob’s Chowder

What was this amazing food for which Esau sold Jacob the birthright? It is believed that this was a thick soup. How did she smell that her older brother lost his head on the threshold? The Bible does not give us a recipe, just a hint that it would have been cooked.

Baked Eggplant Soup

Vegetable soups can be nourishing and rich if they are cooked like mashed baked vegetables. This is especially true during the post. I offer a proven recipe of baked eggplant with the addition of sweet peppers and tomatoes. Of spices is enough.

Vegetarian soup with shiitake mushrooms and two types of beans in a slow cooker

Vegetable soups are good because they are easily digested, tasty and nutritious. They can be included in the menu on fast days. Mushrooms are considered a substitute for meat, as they are rich in vegetable protein, useful trace elements and vitamins. In this recipe is soup.

Baked Vegetable Soup with Cheese

In general, the recipe for soup from baked vegetables resembles Italian minestrone soup. Although not without liberties, that is not forbidden. The composition of vegetables can be freely changed to your liking. The main thing is to serve the soup hot and sprinkle generously with grated t before serving.

Sheshamadi – Georgian red bean soup

Sheshamadi is a Georgian red bean soup. It can be cooked with ready-made canned beans and dry beans. In the second case, the beans are washed, pre-soaked overnight in water with a teaspoon of soda, then washed in the morning.

Summer soup with champignons and green peas

Everyone knows that food must be balanced. And in summer, keeping balance is easier than ever. For example, make a cream soup with mushrooms and green peas in this recipe. No thickeners, at least fat, without milk and cream. Simply.

Thai soup with mushrooms and coconut milk

For the preparation of Thai soup will need fresh shiitake mushrooms or royal oyster mushrooms (Eringi). Vegetables in the ready-made soup are not tortured by long boiling, and therefore some vitamins remain. With each step, the aromas in the soup intensified and in the end of

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