Is it possible to eat raw zucchini

It is not known exactly what national cuisine was invented in this type of soup.

Is it possible to eat raw zucchini

Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Romanians, Lithuanians – each of these nations considers borscht to be their national treasure, and everyone has their own subtleties and tricks in making rich beetroot soup.

But there is no need to argue about who invented a delicious borscht without heat treatment! He – absolutely for sure – appeared in the kitchen of raw foodists # 128578; And raw borsch is not just a beautiful, tasty and nourishing dish, it is a real storehouse of vitamins, fiber and health.


-Beets (if any – with tops) – 1 pc.

-peeled celery – 1 stalk (can be replaced with zucchini or avocado)

-white cabbage – 1/3 of a small head of cabbage

-onion – 1 small head – or replace with green

-lemon juice – 2

-salt, black pepper, chili pepper (dry or fresh) – as desired and to taste

-garlic – 2-3 cloves – or replace with wild garlic

-pure water – 300-400 ml.

-greens – 1 bunch

-olive or flaxseed oil – 1-2

Cooking method:

1. Wash root vegetables thoroughly under running water and grate for Korean carrot.

If you are confident in the quality of vegetables, it is better to rub them with the skin. The fact is that the largest amount of nutrients is concentrated in the 2 mm layer under the peel and is most often removed during cleaning.

2. Squeeze the juice from one orange, add 2

3. In a blender, place half of the grated carrots and beets, add lemon and orange juice, the right amount of water, salt, garlic, pepper and whip to the maximum possible homogeneous consistency – this is broth.

How to choose the right blender and what types of blenders can be found in this article ==

4. Cabbage thinly chop and lightly rub. Celery (or zucchini, or avocado) cut into cubes. Grind greens, onion and chili pepper.

5. Place all the chopped vegetables in a saucepan and pour over "broth". If desired, add olive or flaxseed oil.

Very tasty raw borsch raw foodists ready!


Pour the soup on the plates. Decorate with greens. Add raw mayonnaise or raw food cream with sour cream – this will make it even tastier, more satisfying and more familiar. # 128578;

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72 comments on "The most delicious raw borscht!"

Tell me, why leave the peel in beets? Can it be without her? and then my husband will not eat)))

Great question! The fact is that in root crops (carrots, beets, potatoes, etc.), the bulk of nutrients are concentrated in a layer of about 2mm under the peel. And when we cut the peel, we, in fact, cut off the benefits that this or that vegetable can bring us. (This is also true for cooked vegetables — for example, potatoes boiled or baked “in uniform” are more useful, since only starch remains without the potato skin.)

Therefore, it is enough just to wash the vegetables very well and use them with the peel. Believe me (and better, check it out!) That this will not affect the taste of the dish, and the benefits will increase!

What to do with a husband? … A delicate question))) I noticed that people generally react very negatively to new ideas in food. Not all, of course, but many. How many times have I heard something like: “I would not eat raw beets for anything — it is not tasty” … But it’s worth trying once and everything changes! I usually cook first … then enjoy the effect of how a person likes (well … or does not like – anything can happen) … and then tell, if you are interested, about how and from what I cooked it and what benefits it brings to the body.

I hope, answered in some detail.

Health to you and your family!

Anastasia! Respect! amazing site. Is it really WordPress?

But about the peel, you know, I read that it is still better to cut it off. The fact is that it is in the peel (and in the cabbage and in the stalk) nitrates are concentrated. Even watermelons recommend eating more, leaving the pulp at the peel. Even if the cabbage is there or beets from your bed, and you are not “chemically”. The fact is that many gardeners sin organic. Even an excess of organics causes an increased content of nitrates. And try this soup. Good luck!

I sincerely thank you for compliments to the site – you know, for the first time it is especially scary And such support is absolutely necessary!

And yes – a blog on WP … I just don’t know any other engines yet

And about the peel and about everything in general … I just read another battle of meat-eaters, vegetarians and raw foodists on one of the forums … (br-rr … as always, very unpleasant). Everyone knows something of their own. And I am absolutely sure that this knowledge is 100% true. But this is not so! Perhaps you are right – I also read about nitrates and peel. If it is more convenient for you to cut off the peel – of course cut off. And I, in turn, hold a different opinion and eat everything entirely. Health and well-being to you! Come back often – I really like nice guests!

Now cooked and eat

Uraaaaa. Glad what happened! Natasha, thanks for the feedback!

Very tasty borsch is made! I often make it, but I did it all the time without celery, I have to try it with it. ))

If you like celery – then, of course, try it! I am a celery fan – I just love to chop it up at everything # 128578;

borschets – yummy. since we now have no beet season and the house was purple cabbage, the soup turned out with such changes)))))

Thank you, Julia, for the comments! And – on health, of course. # 128578;

And with red cabbage, for sure, super yummy is also obtained – you have to try it!

Borsch turned out to be five! She added Bulgarian pepper to the broth (in Almaty we have non-lethal borsch prepared with Bulgarian pepper), made sour cream from sunflower seeds (some of the seeds remained intact so that there was something to chew on. In one word, Nastya, you are a clever and skilled worker, thank you very much for the idea.

Oh cool! It’s great that you liked it! And with pepper, of course, it turns out very tasty – I love him too. # 128578; Thank you for sharing your mood!

Hello! Tell me, please, cooked soups should be eaten right away, or can it be done right away and the next day? Is their value lost?

Of course, lost! It is much healthier, more correct and tastier to eat freshly prepared food. Moreover, it is very quick and easy to prepare raw food dishes # 128578;

Raw food soup – the best. Beetroot perfectly with orange juice. And in this soup I can even eat my least favorite carrot.

And yet, an interesting story. When I was a schoolboy, I ate borscht very often, but on some days borsch was very tasty, and on others I just could not eat it. It turned out that those I didn’t like were in broth. So vegetarianism was a logical way out.

Thanks for the great recipe!)) I read other options, but this one is very simple and tasty. True, I added more cabbage, so I increased the amount of water and salt. But still it turned out great)

This is you, Nick – clever, that you customize the recipes to your taste! This is how it should be! I have a whole article about it written # 128578;

And for the compliment – thank you very much! I am very glad that I liked the soup – I love it too!

Read the article, very useful information :). True, I have so far a salty taste only in the form of salt. Added dried kelp – somehow not, especially in borscht. The salad is still bearable. Maybe over time, I will lose the salt, I’m newcomers in raw food :).

I agree – wet kelp in borscht is not a pleasure for the faint of heart. # 128578;

Is it possible to eat raw zucchini

Nick, you may have read it too, but I’ll give you links anyway, okay? Here I wrote my opinion about the fact that you can eat raw foodists, and here is an article about how to replace salt.

And do not worry about anything – you are doing everything right!

and eats recipes for hearty raw food soup or borscht current without a blender

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