Improper nutrition is

Who could say, looking at Yorkshire, that this glamorous, decorative breed was once a dashing rat hunter. However, the Yorkshire Terrier and now differs playfulness, liveliness, cheerfulness and a fair amount of courage. Experienced dog breeders know how much in health, exterior and character of a dog of any breed depends on the regime and diet. But the difficulty lies in the fact that feeding the breeds is a very individual category: what is good for a diver or a sheepdog is completely unnecessary for a small York, weighing only 2 to 3 kg.

Improper nutrition is

How to feed a Yorkshire terrier is one of the most important issues in caring for a dog of this breed. Yorkshire – dog-pipsqueak, very fragile physique. Its external beauty lies in the long silky hair. Improper nutrition of York will immediately affect the state of its wool and health.

You can build the food of the Yorkshire Terrier on dry food or on natural food. The choice of diet depends on the owner.

Improper nutrition is

Dry food is a balanced diet for dogs, in which all vitamins and trace elements essential for the development and formation of the skeleton are selected. If the owner chooses dry feeding, it means that you need to choose high-quality food, designed specifically for dogs of decorative breeds. Serious companies that produce dry food, group their products by breed, by size of dog, by age, so it will be easy to make good nutrition for Yorkies. It is important that there is always a bowl of clean water next to a bowl of dry food.

It is convenient to feed york with dry food – less fuss with preparing a balanced meal, and even less trouble when traveling. But in connection with the dry food there is an opinion that it is not the best food option for the Yorkshire. Possible problems with the stomach, plus the occurrence of tartar, the development of dental diseases in Yorkies, so veterinarians advise ready canned.

Nutrition of the Yorkshire Terrier with natural products is an absolutely healthy food, without a drop of harmful additives, dyes, flavors and other artificial additives. Preparing a dish for York from natural products is easy, the difficulty lies in the fact that the diet of natural food is balanced and rich in nutrients. In this case, it is necessary to add special vitamin supplements to the food of the Yorkshire Terrier. Such feeding can be inconvenient when traveling out of town or on holiday away from home. From natural products, yorkam is recommended to give raw or boiled beef, chopped vegetables, cereals, for example, oatmeal, natural curd, milk and all dairy products, fish (only sea food), egg yolks.

In the diet of the Yorkshire, as well as other dogs, there should be no sweet, bones, fatty meat, raw river fish, white bread, legumes, dishes generously spiced with spices (spicy, salty, bitter and

Yorkies are prone to overeating and overweight. It is necessary to closely monitor the food, so as not to get overfeeding. Obesity is very harmful for their health. But the owners can be very difficult to resist and not to please Yorick with some sweets. The consequence of such pampering is obesity.

Improper nutrition is

Feeding regime varies with the age of the dog. Nutrition of the Yorkshire terrier in puppy age occurs many times and in small portions: puppies for the first 2 months – 6 times, the next 2 months – 5 times, the next 2 months to reduce food by 1 time, up to 10 months to feed 3 times a day. From the age of 10 months, yorks begin to feed twice a day, and this becomes a permanent diet.

Only proper nutrition of the Yorkshire Terrier will be the key to his health and active vital energy.

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