How to pickle raw milk mushrooms

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How to pickle raw milk mushroomsIndian onions (you, of course, understand that this is the “popular” name of a medicinal plant) at first seemed like a very exotic guest on the windowsills of the inhabitants of our country. In science, this miracle flower is known as the bird-tailed poultry lamb, and even more truly – the ornithogalum. This word means poultry lamb. This name has Greek roots: “ornis” – bird, “gala” – milk. You can paraphrase the name of the plant as "bird’s milk", this is particularly appropriate in light of the fact that here, in Russia, not only a particularly delicious cake and sweets are so called, but in general everything is rare, wonderful, amazing. Is not a miracle a plant that can cure many ailments?

The homeland of Indian onions is South America, although the natural distribution of this plant is very wide. During the colonial conquest of South America, the European colonizers brought this plant to the Mediterranean climate, it settled down there remarkably, and then spread to Central and Southeastern Europe, in India, and in China.

How to pickle raw milk mushrooms

Russian scientists brought this plant from Germany back in the times of the USSR, it was in 1961, when an exotic visitor settled in the Botanical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. But there is reason to believe that Siberian amateur flower growers have long cultivated a medicinal plant, having convinced of its properties, and that is why Siberia will tell you that this plant is familiar here for a very long time and that its true name is not Indian, but Chinese onion.

However, Indian onion is not only a garden plant, it is easy to plant at home on the windowsill in ordinary inexpensive plastic pots. This plant is unpretentious and does not require expensive ceramic dwelling and artificial heating. And its leaves and bulbs are not “seasonal” medicines, you can cut the leaf at any time.

How to pickle raw milk mushrooms

Indian onions are a perennial bulbous plant of the lily family. It looks like this: powerful white cord-like roots, very numerous. The bulb of the plant is small-sitting, it is green in color, has about

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