How to make kefir from milk quickly

Virtually all the beneficial properties of kefir (except for the fight against diarrhea) apply exclusively to the fresh product, and kefir lies in stores, with a production date of 1 day (the right kefir), up to 2 weeks (completely useless for health).

How to make kefir from milk quickly

To get a full healing drink, you may have to prepare it yourself. Think it’s too hard? On the contrary, this is easier than ever … if you have access to fresh milk.

Healthy tips on how to cook kefir at home

Best of all, if in your village there is a shop from the local dairy farm. If besides the supermarket, there are no other sources of milk, you will have to empirically calculate the correct milk.

How to determine which milk is suitable for kefir?

First of all, milk must be pasteurized. Sterilized milk will not skim, no matter how much you try. And no inscriptions of the type: "restored", "from milk powder."

Pour the milk into a glass and roll. Good milk will leave traces on the walls.

Milk is better to take 6%, which means that previously no one has been bullied on it. Do not be afraid of milk fat, they are easily digested and not deposited at the waist. Remember that fats are necessary to build new cells, and therefore, to preserve youth.

Leave the milk in a glass at room temperature. If it does not turn sour within 2 days, it means that there is either a lethal dose of preservatives in it, or a horse portion of antibiotics. This product also does not suit us.

Where to take the yogurt starter

Once I saw a kefir starter in a store. But, alas, it was only once. It is logical that it is produced, and it is quite possible that it is sold by you. But not everyone is so lucky. Therefore, we will consider the option is it possible to cook high-quality kefir without ferment.

Therefore, we need to buy fresh kefir, also better than local production. On the pack should be written: "milk and yeast" and no other components! The shelf life of such a product usually does not exceed 1 week. We need either today or yesterday. A three-day is no longer suitable.

The process of making homemade kefir

After we decided on the initial products, pour the milk into a glass and add one tablespoon of kefir to the same place. If kefir is already the second day of age, put not one, but two tablespoons. spoons.

How to make kefir from milk quickly

Glass set so as not to rearrange it from place to place. Well, if the temperature in the room is not below +18 degrees, that is, quite warm. We look at the clock to remember about it exactly in a day, when it will be ready.

Yes Yes Yes! Do not do anything. Just poured a glass, added a spoon and left alone. Everything will cook itself.

Exactly twenty-four hours in your glass instead of milk. kefir is formed, which can already be drunk.

To get a real healing drink, we do not stop at what has been accomplished, we continue to act in the same spirit. But now we don’t need kefir for the store, instead we put a spoonful of our own, already homemade, in milk. If you accidentally miss one day, do not worry, just next time put in a glass two spoons of "yeast".

A month of such daily transformations, and in your glass is no longer just a drinking product, but an elixir of health that can be given even to babies.

And it’s not a joke. I personally gave such home-made kefir to my daughter from three months. Truth, it was in the Soviet era, when all the food in the stores were of high quality.

We talked only about one glass. Calculate a different volume is not difficult. So, for example, 4 spoons should be added to one liter of fresh milk …

Although, in this recipe there is one inaccuracy. We all live in different parts of the country, or even the world, and the original products are still different. Therefore, first try to do exactly the recipe, and, if necessary, increase, or reduce the proportion of starter.

In the article on the benefits of kefir, you learned seven compelling reasons to drink it every day, as well as a simple recipe for cooking. I hope that now the beneficial properties of kefir will help you not only to preserve health, but also to increase it.

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