How to make dill water

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  • Dill seeds or shredded fruits of fennel (can be purchased at the pharmacy).

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Dill water to increase lactation

Our great-grandmothers and grandmothers did not have the opportunity to use modern means, which are produced in the form of teas, drops and blends that improve lactation. In due time, they used proper nutrition and folk remedies to increase lactation.

Unfortunately, in the modern world problems with lactation occur much more often than at those times. And no one wants to lose the precious association that occurs only through feeding between mother and child. And mothers begin to look for reasons why lactation has broken, and how to restore it.

If you ask a woman in old age how to increase the amount of milk in a nursing mother, she will answer that you need to drink dill water. Besides the fact that dill water increases lactation, it is also an excellent solution to relieve colic in babies. And in fact, almost all teas in modern pharmacies to increase lactation in the composition have fennel seeds and dill.

How to make dill water

In pharmacies, you can buy ready-made dill water. But it is sold only in such specialized pharmacies that produce prescription drugs. Dill water from a pharmacy is prepared on the basis of fennel oil, it is called so – pharmacy dill.

How to prepare dill water for admission during breastfeeding?

Dill water is easily prepared at home. A tablespoon of dill seeds in a dry form must be crushed, then pour one glass of hot water. Let it warm for about two hours. This infusion of dill is drunk to increase lactation twice a day for half a glass.

How to make dill water

Dill water for lactation can also be prepared from fresh dill, that is, green dill. To do this, take fresh dill, chop it, add one spoonful of seeds to it, and then pour in not very hot water. After that, the mixture should be put in a water bath and stand for 15 minutes. The cooled broth is taken before meals in small portions, three times a day.

Is dill good for nursing mom?

Along with dill tinctures, a nursing mother will find it helpful to use this wonderful spice in fresh or processed foods. When breastfeeding fresh dill can be added to the diet from the 10th day of the baby’s life.

To preserve lactation requires a positive psychological attitude of the mother, as well as a strong desire to feed her baby milk at all costs.

Dill water is a very effective folk remedies designed to improve the digestive process. This drug is endowed with a huge amount of properties useful for the human body. For newborns, dill water can be bought at the pharmacy or prepared at home with your own hands. The manufacturing process must take place in conditions of exceptional sterility, it is prepared from the seeds of pharmaceutical dill.

How to make dill water

This drug has a pronounced carminative effect on the body of the baby, it removes spasms from the musculature of the child’s intestines, thereby saving the baby from accumulated gases. It happens that after taking the dill, the release of gases is accompanied by rather loud sounds, after which the pussy immediately calms down and falls asleep. For the production of pharmacy dill water for infants, you should mix

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