How to make compote jelly

Want a refreshing dessert? We suggest you make jelly from gelatin and compote. This dessert will not leave anyone indifferent. After all, it is without preservatives, dyes and, of course, very useful.


Not every housewife knows how to make compote and gelatin jelly. In fact, it is a very easy and affordable recipe that every hostess can realize. To start, prepare a pack of gelatin 15 gram.

Now take the compote to your taste. It all depends on what kind of dessert you want. It can be strawberry, cherry, apricot and other compote. The article will consider the recipe for two servings.

Jelly from compote and gelatin: a recipe

This dessert is made in hot weather, you can from last year’s blanks. When you open the can, drain the liquid into a separate container and transfer it through a sieve into a thick bottom pan. For two servings you need two glasses of compote.

Put the liquid on the fire and heat to 65 degrees. Set aside the pan and gradually add 15 grams (pack) of gelatin there. It is necessary to constantly stir the liquid for 4-5 minutes.

When the gelatin is completely dissolved, pour it into the ice-cream bowls and refrigerate until it thickens. As a rule, put jellies on the night, so surely froze.

How to make compote jelly

Gelatin and compote jelly is ready to eat. It can easily be given to a child, since there are no harmful substances in this dessert, and gelatin is good for joints. Although every day the children do not use it.

How to make a multi-colored jelly

Sometimes there are compotes of different colors: red, white, yellow. Then you can make and colorful dessert. To do this, you need to make half a jelly jelly as in the previous recipe. Then put the compote of another color on the fire, pour gelatin into it and let it cool completely, but not in the refrigerator.

How to make compote jelly

After the liquid has completely cooled down, pour the finished compote into the same glass where there is already a frozen jelly. Now put everything together in the fridge. That turned out to be a two-color dessert. In the same way, you can make three colors and even four. It all depends on your imagination.

Confectioners tips

If you are preparing jelly from gelatin and compote on the holiday table, then you need to think about the presentation well. Dessert looks very beautiful if you make it colorful and bright. To do this, choose compotes saturated colors.

On the edging of the bowl can put a mint leaf. Green goes well with red, burgundy and yellow shades. Plus, a very beautiful gelatin and compote jelly is obtained if you put bright berries on top of the dessert, preferably fresh ones. It can be raspberry, strawberry, white or red currant, etc.

If season allows, boil fresh fruit and berry compote. Then you get a wide variety of colors. If the compote is unsweetened, add sugar to taste.

To the berries in the middle of the dessert, put them in liquid and only then put it in the refrigerator. It is not only tasty, but also very useful.

How to make compote jelly

Sometimes you really want to make a refreshing and cold dessert, but there is no compote. Then make it from jam, diluted to taste with water. And then do everything according to technology. The taste will improve lemon juice.

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