How to make cheese from kefir

Kefir cheese can be made quite easily at home. It should be noted that such a granular product turns out much tastier and more useful than the one that is sold in the store.

General information

Before you tell about how to cook cheese from kefir, you should tell what this product is.

Cottage cheese is not only very tasty, but also a useful ingredient that contains a huge amount of calcium and other nutrients. That is why such a dairy product must necessarily be present in the diet of every person, especially young children and pregnant women.

If you want cottage cheese to bring only benefit to your body, then it is not recommended to purchase it in the store. Indeed, often negligent entrepreneurs add to it various substances that improve the taste of the product and increase its shelf life. In this regard, we have decided to devote the presented article to how to make cottage cheese from kefir on our own.

The easiest recipe for homemade cottage cheese

Do you know that frozen kefir cottage cheese is very tender, tasty and nutritious? It should be noted that this method of preparation of dairy product is the simplest and easiest. That you are convinced of it, we will present its detailed recipe. For this we need:

    kefir maximum fat content – 1 l (preferably in a carton).

Cooking process

The presented recipe for kefir cottage cheese recommends using a dairy product with maximum fat content. After all, only from such a drink you will get a large amount of delicate and tasty cottage cheese.

Thus, the kefir in the package must be placed in the freezer and kept there for several hours. During this time, the product should completely harden.

After the kefir has frozen, it must be removed from the carton by cutting it with scissors. In this case, the contents of the container should be laid out in a very fine sieve. Having established a colander above the pan or bowl, you must wait until the kefir has completely thawed. In the process, it is required to knead it regularly with a spoon.

After that, the frozen milk mass will completely melt, a very tender and tasty curd should remain in the sieve. It should be laid out in a bowl and immediately served to the table along with sour cream and sugar. As for the liquid that the glass in a bowl, then it should not be poured. After all, this whey can serve as an ideal basis for kneading dough for pies or other pastries.

We make delicious and nutritious cottage cheese for the child

Cottage cheese from kefir for the child should not be very fat, have a soft and delicate texture, and also contain a large amount of vitamins and macronutrients.

To make such a product at home, we need a medium-fat yogurt – 1 liter.

Cooking method

To make cheese from kefir, which can feed even small children, you should take a large container, pour water into it and bring to a boil. Next, you need to put the dairy product in a smaller container and set it in a boiling liquid.

Thus, kefir is required to boil in a water bath until it begins to roll. In this case, it is desirable to reduce the fire to a minimum. In the process of such a procedure, the formed clots must be carefully moved away from the center of the pan to its edge. In this state, the product is preferably heated for about 10 minutes, and then removed from the stove.

That hot water, with the help of which we made a water bath, we will not need. In this regard, it can be carefully poured. As for dishes with kefir mass, it is recommended to clean it for half an hour in a cool place.

After the coagulated drink has cooled, take a colander, put a multi-layer gauze into it, and then pour out the thermally processed dairy product. Next, the edges of the mesh must be carefully tied together. As a result, you should get a small but tight bag, which should be hung above the tank with the serum. In a few hours, kefir cottage cheese will be completely ready for use. It should be noted that such a product is very delicate, tasty and useful.

Home made kefir cottage cheese: cooking recipe in a slow cooker

You can make a delicious home-made curd from a sour-milk drink not only from a frozen product or using a cooker, but also using a slow cooker. To do this, we need a medium-fat yogurt – 1 l.

Step-by-step recipe

So, to make cottage cheese from kefir, you should pour the fermented milk drink into the bowl of the multicooker, and then set it to the “Multi-cook” mode. In this case, the temperature is desirable to put at 80 degrees, and time – at 10 minutes.

How to make cheese from kefir

After the device has completed its work, you need to open the lid, under which you can see the curd yogurt. This mass should be carefully poured on multi-layer gauze and tightly tie it. Hanging the bag over the bowl, it is recommended to stand in this position for several hours. During this time, all the whey will be drained from the product, leaving only the most delicate and delicious cottage cheese in gauze.

It should be noted that such a granular product can be prepared not only using the “Multipovar” mode, but also using the heating program. To do this, you need to pour kefir into the device’s capacity and set the time to 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to keep the lid open.

After the whey appears in the multicooker, the milk mass should be carefully poured into a colander, on which it is necessary to put gauze folded several times in advance. Hanging the bag in the same way, it should be kept above the bowl until the curd loses most of its moisture. In the future, the dairy product must be removed from the gauze, put in a bowl and serve to the table.

It should be noted that as a result of such actions from one liter of medium-fat kefir you can get about 250-270 grams of fresh and tasty cottage cheese. As for the remaining whey, it can be used to make pancakes and other bakery products.

How to make cheese from kefir

It is recommended to store the finished curd in the refrigerator, but not longer than five days.

Independently do kefir and cottage cheese from it

If you do not like cottage cheese, which is obtained from the kefir shop, then this fermented milk product can be prepared at home. For this we need:

  • high fat milk is fresh – 1 l;
  • sour cream 30% thick – about 5 large spoons;
  • kefir thick – full glass.

Method of step by step preparation

Before you cook the cheese from kefir, you must make your own milk product. To do this, put fresh sour cream in fresh, full-fat milk and mix everything thoroughly. Further in the same capacity is required to pour kefir. Leave the ingredients warm for 10-15 hours. As a result, you should have a fat and thick fermented milk drink. From it you will get a very tasty and tender cottage cheese. For this home kefir is required to be heated in a water bath so that it is completely curled. Next, the resulting whey with flakes should be poured into a colander, pre-coated with multi-layer gauze. Having waited until the serum is partially drained, it is necessary to make a bag from the mesh by tightly tying its ends. Next, cottage cheese is required to hang over deep dishes and stand in this position for several hours. If you want to get a drier dairy product, the gauze bag must be put in a bowl and strongly pressed with a yoke.

After the curd loses all the whey, it must be removed from the mesh and placed in a bowl.

How to use?

Home-made cottage cheese can be consumed just like that, flavored with sour cream and sugar, and added to baking. For example, from this product are very tasty cheesecakes, pancakes, khachapuri, and more.

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