How to cook wheat porridge with milk

Corn grits obtained during the processing of corn kernels. Groats belong to products with an easy degree of assimilation. Cooked porridge from corn can inhibit rotting in the intestine, it is possible due to the content of dietary fiber.

In countries where corn dishes are widespread, such as hominy in Romania and Moldova, people have almost no heart problems.

According to many historians, the Indians in Central and South America were the first to cultivate corn. And she came to Europe in the twentieth century. Corn is now grown in more than sixty countries. In particular, it is sown in China, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina.

Cornmeal, main varieties

The appearance of the croup depends on the grinding process and the size, corn grits happens the following types:

  1. Grinded grain – contains small particles of corn of various shapes, which turned out in the process of separating the shell from the embryo and was also ground. It is divided into five rooms, it all depends on the size.
  2. Cereals – used for making flakes. It turns out in the same way as polished.
  3. Small groats – used to make corn sticks. It turns out in the similar way specified above.

Cornmeal keeps a lot of nutrients and vitamins

Corn grits It is a good nutritional product. It has many vitamins: A, B, E, PP, silicon, iron. Silicon is able to improve immunity, and iron has a beneficial effect on teeth. In its composition there are almost all the vitamins of the group B, it is thiamine and riboflabin, pantothenic and folic acid, there is pyridoxine – vitamin B6.

In porridge there is a lot of titanium, aluminum and boron, potassium, sulfur and sodium. The mineral series contains the following: cobalt, tin, molybdenum and nickel. In addition, each of the elements makes the product all the more useful and valuable.

Porridge contains about eighty percent of carbohydrates and carotenes, so it should be eaten by old people and those who move a little. There is a lot of fiber in it, and the essential acids are lysine and tryptophan, which allows you to effectively remove toxins and pesticides from the body. Cleans the intestines.

How to cook wheat porridge with milk

Despite the fact that porridge is high-calorie, it does not add weight. All this happens because the body lacks proteins in it.

According to its nutritional properties corn grits significantly inferior to the rest of the cereals, not paying attention to the fact that it is widely distributed among many countries and other nations.

Cornmeal, useful properties

In addition to good taste and nutrition, corn grits possesses many useful properties that place it on the staff of assistants who are able to fight against all sorts of diseases.

Due to its property of cleaning, porridge is able to carry out a high-quality cleaning of the intestines and stomach.

If you eat porridge at least twice a week, you can enhance immunity well. It has a good effect on the heart and is capable of removing cholesterol. Due to this, the vessels are cleaned and do not form plaques, they become more elastic, and their permeability improves. Therefore, it is recommended to use this dish for people with hypertension.

How to cook wheat porridge with milk

Corn product is well suited for kids. This type of porridge does not cause allergies in babies. In addition, porridge is very nutritious and well digestible.

Thanks to the use of porridge can improve the appearance of their skin, strengthen hair and nails. Porridge has an unusual tool that allows the figure to always be in shape. It is very useful to use it even for those who are on diets. This dish will provide the body with all the necessary components.

Selenium in porridge can slow down the aging process. Charges the body with energy and gives it vivacity for the whole day, especially if you eat porridge before lunch, you will feel good energy, the mood will rise and the state itself will improve.

Corn grits, the main contraindications for use

Along with its beneficial properties, corn grits It has some warnings and recommendations:

  1. To enjoy this dish, to please your body with a pleasant taste, you need to pay attention to the shelf life and quality of cereals. When choosing a product, it is necessary to check it so that it is fresh and should be stored only in dry places.
  2. It is not recommended to abuse this dish, because it can cause stomach heaviness. And this in turn causes redness on the face. Overeating can still affect the shape.
  3. How to cook porridge, you also need to know. To begin with, the croup is washed and poured into boiling milk or water. After that, add salt or sugar to the porridge, who loves how. After the porridge has begun to boil, it is necessary to boil for another ten minutes. To achieve an even more delicious effect, the porridge is then steamed.
  4. Milk or butter can be added to cooked porridge, if desired. Fruit with berries, dried apricots, raisins and dried fruits are well suited here. Even instead of sugar, you can add honey here.

With extreme caution it is necessary to use porridge in the period of various exacerbations of the gastric and intestinal tract.

Porridge can harm people with poor appetite, because its value is too low, and people with problems with this need to eat more nutritious food, which contains high energy value. For the same reason, it is not recommended to eat porridge and people with low weight.

Corn grits, use and proper storage

It is possible to make tasty porridge, hominy, soups, salads, casseroles, and unusual pie fillings from cereals. In short, the universal porridge.

How to cook wheat porridge with milk

This product is widely used in the food industry. Corn flakes are made from coarse grinding, while small grains are more often used for corn sticks.

Houses from cereals make different unusual dishes. Corn porridge still enjoys greater popularity.

To make porridge soft and pleasant to the taste, it is necessary to cook it for about an hour. And to make the dish more appetizing, you must comply with the storage conditions of the product. Affected by humidity and temperature. It is recommended to store it at a temperature of plus five to minus five degrees, the humidity should be seventy percent.

A special storage mode cannot be created at home, so it is necessary to store the cereal for only a month, because various pests can start there. It is advisable to keep the cereal in a glass container with a closed plastic lid. If you keep it in bags, it can get an unpleasant smell and bitter taste.

If, however, there were pests in the croup, then the cabinet where it was kept must be thoroughly washed with hot water, dried well and then ventilated, and the croup itself must be thrown out.

Corn grits. Recipes, recommendations

Corn porridge has received such name due to the fact that it is prepared from corn flour or cereals. This dish has gained its popularity in all countries. Earlier, porridge could replace bread.

To date, this dish is made from cereals of different grinding. And the quality of the result depends largely on the raw materials used and the cooking time. Coarse grind should boil for about an hour, during which time the grits swell strongly, the volume increases significantly. This dish will be harsh and have an unusual taste. Small grits are boiled in milk. To do this, you need to take three hundred grams of milk and put on the fire, boil. Then pour a little salt and sugar, then pour four spoons of cereal, put on a small fire and boil, all the while stirring the porridge.

Then remove from heat, set aside and cover with a lid, leave for fifteen minutes. To give the porridge more flavor, you can put sweet additives to your taste.

If in the process of cooking porridge turned out very thick, it can be diluted with either milk or yogurt or fruit puree. For small children, it is advisable to add a lot of fruits and berries to porridge.

If porridge is an everyday dish for the whole family, then the best dressing for it will be the following: take onions, tomatoes, peppers and lightly salted cheese, all this is fried and added to porridge at the end of its cooking. You can fill the porridge right before serving the dish on the table with a piece of butter, feta cheese and cream. Very tasty is the porridge with the addition of pumpkin.

To cook hominy, you need to take a hundred grams of cereal, preferably small, two glasses of water and a little salt. All the ingredients folded in the pot and put on the fire for an hour, stir each time. The composition should end up thick. After we get it, put it on a flat surface, after which we make a sausage from it, cut it and the dish is ready. It is good to serve vegetables, eggs, greens or cheese to this dish.

Ukraine has its own traditional dish of this cereal, called banush. It is prepared as follows – corn flour is cooked in sour cream, five minutes before readiness, finely chopped brynza is thrown there, cracklings and the dish is ready. It is recommended to use it only hot. In Italy, this porridge is called “polenta”; it looks less thick than hominy.

An interesting fact is that before the porridge appeared, wheat porridge was prepared according to a similar scheme, but in taste it was very different from corn.

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