How to cook stew at home

Homemade canned food cooked in a saucepan on the stove will never get so tasty as in an autoclave. This device is widely used not only in the food industry in the production of fish, vegetable and canned meat, but also in everyday life. Cooked in this device, homemade canned fish (autoclave), the recipes are presented in our article, retain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in almost all. At the same time dishes are cooked several times faster than on the stove.

Features of cooking fish in an autoclave

When working with an autoclave, you should consider some nuances that will help to avoid trouble when working with the device and prepare delicious homemade canned fish:

  1. Preparation of canned food in an autoclave occurs under high pressure and at high temperature. That is why you should observe all precautions when working with him.
  2. Before igniting the fire under the apparatus, first pressurize and check the tightness of the autoclave.
  3. You can open the device only when the temperature inside drops to 30 degrees.
  4. Canned fish in an autoclave are prepared at a temperature of 100-120 degrees. Cooking time depends on how you want to see the final result: boiled stew or whole pieces with soft bones.
  5. It is not necessary to lay the raw material in the banks to the top, you need to leave a couple of inches from the edge. Otherwise, the lid from the jar can tear off.
  6. Autoclave cans are filled with water completely, even 2 cm above the caps.

Fish in oil: a recipe for canned fish in an autoclave

Nothing can be more delicious than fish, canned in oil with spices. The only exceptions are canned fish cooked at home, where you know how much and what you put in the jar.

How to cook stew at home

Natural fish with the addition of oil is prepared according to the following technology (based on a

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