How to cook rainbow trout in the oven

The recipe of cooking dishes with photos, see below.

Do not stop singing the praises of red fish! Tasty, tender, healthy, especially good fish, cooked with his own hands. With homemade salting, you can control the amount of salt and prevent over-salting. I love medium-salted red fish, even more salted. Salted sockeye or trout goes well with boiled potatoes. And you can also use this fish as a beer snack on a Friday evening.

So, first you need to buy in the market fresh-frozen red fish. I emphasize that the fish is bought already frozen, deep frozen. In our parts of the sea there is no side by side and, accordingly, sea fish are brought already frozen. Such fish is stored in stores deep frozen for several months before they get to our table. That is why after salting I do not expose the red fish deep freeze on day 21 for disinfection from possible parasites.

How to cook rainbow trout in the oven

Well, if you live in the sea, for example in the Far East or Kamchatka, it is wiser to take fresh fish for salting, but after salting it is frozen deep for a month. A good recipe for salting fresh red fish was shared in the comments on this post by Stanislav. Great recipe!

For use in salted form is best, purely for my taste, trout or sock is suitable. These species of the salmon family are owners of very tender and moderately fat meat. Salmon, for example, is much fatter, the best salmon to bake or cook soup. Pink salmon on the contrary, less fat, it is better to fry, very tasty in batter, but this is a topic for the next article

How to cook rainbow trout in the oven

Medium-sized blackberries are thawed and rinsed. We wash the fish out of the head, tail, offal and fins again. For salting is best to cut the fish into small pieces, about a finger thick,

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