How to cook jam from rose petals

Moonshine-3l, black tea of ​​the highest grade –

Recipe for the use of oak chips;

On 1 liter of moonshine with a strength of 40-45 degrees, put about 5-10 grams of oak chips and a teaspoon of sugar. Put the container in a dark place. Shake and open the lid regularly

Moonshine 1l, cinnamon-

Ways of coloring moonshine

How to cook jam from rose petals

To get brown moonshine, we take granulated sugar, melt it in a copper dish and cook it until dark. The resulting solution is diluted with hot water or moonshine, also hot. The solution can be stored in a glass container in a tightly closed state.

Distillation of kalgan root mash gives a light brown color to moonshine.

If you are going to sweeten the moonshine, then the coloring should be done only after sweetening, so that the color and transparency of the moonshine will not deteriorate.

Moonshine sweetener

Prepare a special syrup. Take 1kg. sugar, pour 1l. water, cook, removing the foam until, until it ceases to form. We cool and insist 2 weeks, so that the whole sediment went to the bottom.

When moonshine is mixed with syrup or honey, a chemical reaction occurs and the solution is heated. We need to wait until the end of the emission of gases. Then we throw into the solution a few tablets of activated carbon and vigorously shake. Then insist 2 hours at room temperature and filter through a thin cloth. The resulting drink is packaged in different containers and withstand for three days at a temperature of 3-4 ° C. The resulting drink will have a pleasant taste and an almost total absence of alcoholic taste.

How to cook jam from rose petals

To sweeten the moonshine and use jam. It is taken in proportion: 3 liters of moonshine by 4 teaspoons of jam. Great! 1 02:28 In addition to the required taste, we also need a certain color of moonshine.

If we make moonshine on saffron and add a little juice from blueberry or blueberry berries, we get a golden orange (orange) color. Also, this color is obtained by insisting the moonshine on an orange peel, walnut partitions or an unripe orange peel.

How to cook jam from rose petalsSaffron is used in yellow. By adjusting the amount you can get different shades of yellow. To obtain a yellow color, moonshine can also be insisted on Melissa, Veronica, Peppermint or using parsley leaves, celery or horseradish.

To give red moonshine insist on dried blueberries. You can grind up tartar powder and food carmine paint and mix in a ratio of 1: 6, then dissolve in hot water. Filter the resulting mixture and add to the brew.

For scarlet color you need to prepare a special dye. Cook 4g. food paint powder and 4g. powder of purified tartar in

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