How to cook Dranik

Delicious recipes for you

How to cook Dranik

Express recipe for quick cooking pickled cabbage

Sprat at home – a recipe in a multicooker

Hummus – a classic recipe

Delicious yeast pancakes according to GOST “Like at school”

Potatoes – small potato patties with cabbage

We bake delicious choux pancakes with patterns from the bottle

Amazing pitted apricot jam

We have this summer apricot abundance, branches literally covered with fruit. It’s time to cook for the winter.

Transparent apricot slices for the winter

Apple jam for the winter – recipes

The apple season continues, apples in the gardens, in the country or the market (as you are lucky :) will be for a long time.

Perfect pear jam with amber slices

Season billets we do not get bored. Especially when it comes to collective family “order”. Have ordered.

Strawberry jam with whole berries

Strawberry jam with whole berries should be prepared for the winter by every self-respecting mistress. Unfortunately.

Red currant jelly – recipe to choose

Preparations for the winter are in full swing, so today we will find out how to make red currant jelly.

Apricot jam

This year apricots surprised with their generosity, which means that it is time to cook tasty and fragrant apricot.

The classic recipe for cake “Honey cake”

Honey cake is one of the most popular home-made cakes. Probably hard to find.

The recipe for delicious mannica on sour cream

Potato pies fried in a pan

Culinary fashion –dama changeable. We are looking for, finding and trying new dishes, technologies and feeds …

Pasta Casserole in the oven with apples

Airy pies with apples in the oven

An interesting recipe for tortillas – kystyby with potatoes in Tatar style

Delicious patties with cabbage in the oven

Delicious salted mackerel recipe

Very tasty is mackerel salted according to this old recipe. I used it all the time, then I began to try others. But now she returned to this method and salt the only way. My decision was influenced by the recent viewing of the TV show, about the fish, how it was prepared and the problems that may arise if you do not “follow” safety at home. Salt is a natural preservative. In particular, an insufficient amount of it in a solution for salting or a short time may give us a “bearish.

Delicious recipe of fish cakes

It seems to me that there are no indifferent to fish cakes. Some actively dislike them (just not lucky with the recipe or the cook :)), and others (and most of them), -.

What is Forshmak and how to cook it from herring

If you do not know yet, but you want to know what Forschmak is, you can be very surprised. It turns out forshmak: this is an old German hot snack (Vorschmack), c.

Simple and tasty fillings for pita – 5 best recipes with photos

Lavash rolls with different fillings are a very fashionable dish on a festive table. Yes, and every day such recipes will help out for breakfast and lunch. Snacks from pita bread.

Potato pancakes – “delicious” secrets and tips

Everyone knows that pancakes (or potato pancakes, or terrunas from the word “rub”) are fritters of grated raw potatoes. They are considered national Belarusian.

Fritters on kefir without eggs – recipe for beginners

It is difficult, perhaps, to meet a man who would not like pancakes. This is a convenient, fast and tasty breakfast or snack without much hassle and cost. A minimum of products, a few minutes of time and – done! Among the variety of existing recipes, I want to single out one, at one time, greatly surprised me during the first

Delicious recipes of lenten dishes for every day during the post

Lenten menus are not as boring as some think. Fasting is a time when both body and soul must be cleansed. If you decide to keep the post, then my lean menu will be very useful to you. I will show you the most.

Pancake Cake With Custard

Maslenitsa in full swing. Bake the pancakes. Every day according to different recipes. Already noted with the curd pancakes, corn, from semolina, with oranges … This is “an arbitrary program. :) And the traditional and mandatory order in.

6 very tasty recipes for cottage cheese toppings

Maslenitsa is approaching, at this time we cook pancakes much more often than usual. Everything is the same as every year: we are looking for new recipes for pancakes and we “repeat” our old favorite ones that have been tested not one year

Cheese soup recipe with melted cheese – 3 of the most delicious options

If you have little time for cooking, then this version of the quick first course will be a real find! My favorite cheese cream recipe with melted cheese will easily help you out in this situation. Hearty, insane.

Three secrets of the perfect classic pancakes with milk

To bake very tasty thin pancakes is a great art! Today I will show the recipes that everyone gets. There are their own cooking secrets. Thanks to him, the pancakes turn out to be tender, thin, with openwork holes.

Azu in Tatar style with pickled cucumbers

Azu is a nourishing, savory dish of Eastern, more precisely, Tatar cuisine. The classic version assumes it consists of meat (in a characteristic cut), onion tomato (or tomatoes), as well as potatoes and cucumbers. Exactly what is needed.

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