How to cook chicken legs in the microwave

Any pastry stuffed with jam is a tasty and satisfying dish. But when cooking such a dessert, many housewives are faced with the fact that jam flows. Moreover, it is not so important that small buns or a hearty sweet cake are prepared.

Wet fillings, except for jam, also include jam and fresh fruit. These ingredients create problems for inexperienced housewives in the kitchen. From an excess of juice, even the most delicious dessert can look so unpresentable that you simply don’t want to eat it. Therefore, the question of what to add to the jam so that it does not flow from pies or pie is very relevant.

The problem described above has several solutions: • You can add nothing, but simply put less stuffing. But this is not a very advantageous option from the side that such savings will affect the taste not to the best; • The filling should be thickened with a product that absorbs moisture. But what to add to the jam for density, so that it does not affect the taste of the product? Actual options will be discussed in the next section of this article;

What to add to the jam so that it does not flow. Topical tips: 1. Boil a little jam a few hours before making a dessert and add semolina to it. One tablespoon of cereal is taken in a glass of jam. It is also a good solution when searching for the answer to the question of what to add to the jam so that it does not spread. But in the case of jam, a teaspoon of semolina is taken in a glass of the product. This secret will help to put more filling in the sand cake with jam.

Note! With such processing of jam or jam, it is important that it cools beforehand. Only in the cooled form it can be added as a filling during the preparation of various pastries.

How to cook chicken legs in the microwave2. You can add to jam or jam berry or fruit jelly. A glass of filling is taken a tablespoon of jelly. It will be very unusual to add lemon juice with cinnamon to pastries. 3. Another option is to add wheat flour or even corn flour. The proportion will be standard when a tablespoon of one of the listed additional ingredients is taken into a glass of filling.

4. As a thickener, you can use regular oatmeal. They are taken in a standard proportion: a glass of jam a tablespoon of cereal. 5. As an option, housewives can use to make corn starch or potato starch. Many modern nutritionists argue that it is better to stop the choice on corn starch. By adding starch to the strawberry jam, you’ll get canceled pastries. 6. Another option is to add jam to thicken it breadcrumbs. It is best to take not a purchased product, and prepare the breadcrumbs yourself. To do this, take a good white bun, cut it into fairly large pieces and dry it on a baking sheet. Then crushed crush. 7. Instead of crackers, you can use ground cookies. To do this, take the usual cookies without additives and crush it with a small rolling pin on the cutting board. It is best to choose crackers and be sure without any additional flavoring fillers, salt.

How to cook chicken legs in the microwave

All these options will help in the case when the hostess is looking for what to do so that the jam does not flow out of the pie. But, if any part of the filling still falls on the baking sheet, it will be difficult to wash it. Therefore, pies and desserts with wet fillings should always be baked on special baking paper. When deciding exactly what to add to the jam so that it does not flow out of the cakes from the above, the choice must be made in favor of the ingredient that is on hand. Over time, you can try each of the options and decide what is most like and suits each case.

Let homemade pastries always be delicious, and the filling does not follow when cooking, but when absorbing the finished product!

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