How to cook burbot

Hot smoked fish

In this article we will tell, and you will learn how to cook fish in one of the methods of hot smoking. Cooking smoked fish is pretty easy. But as always, in any light business there is a whole bunch of wisdoms, rules, if you want laws, following which you get first-class results. After all, every culinary specialist wants his dish to be not just edible, but tasty, fragrant, pleasing to the eye and enthralling everyone around.

What to do is absolutely impossible

  • Smoke eel, in the case when you do not know how to do it correctly (raw blood can cause harm to human health and even carries a threat to his life);
  • try to cook in a smokehouse different size fish in one go;
  • smoke on any kind of combustible raw materials;
  • open the lid of the smokehouse, which is on the fire or just removed from it (there is a great threat of instantaneous ignition, as well as various burns);

In addition to the forbidden actions:

  1. Be sure to sort out the smoking modes. The power of fire and the exposure time for each size of fish prepared for smoking;
  2. make it a rule that there should be a water tank next to the smokehouse in case of fire. Also take care of a first-aid kit for possible burns;
  3. refuse the help of outside advisors. Let them have even the best of intentions – one must command;
  4. make sure that nobody approached your smokehouse during work. Children are a special risk group.

How to cook burbot

How to prepare fish for smoking

Stage 1 – Processing

How to cook burbot

There are two options and both of them are good. Some gourmets prefer gut fish, since the insides give a bitter bitterness and that is true. The second are those who like to smoke with the insides, believing that this way the fish will be juicier. And the bitterness is present only in the abdomen and it is even pleasant. Their statements are also true.

So lay a smoke lamp and so and so, to please all gourmets at once.

Stage 2 – salting fish

It’s time sort the fish on large, medium and small. Now we pour it with salt, remembering that we are preparing it not for drying and the duration of salting is shorter here. No cargo on top!

  • large –

How to cook burbot

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