How to cook bigus

Bigus dishes will be an ideal option for those who prefer and love to cook light and tasty meals. The main advantages of this dish are that, from simple and affordable products, the result is a very fragrant and tasty combination of smoked meat and vegetables. Since childhood, the familiar taste of fragrant and crunchy side dish will not leave indifferent not only the household, but also the guests. Cooking bigus from fresh white cabbage requires a certain amount of time, but it is quite justified, you will be very pleased with the result and will be happy to have lunch or dinner with such a wonderful dish.

In this article, the first thing we learn how to cook bigus with cabbage and get acquainted with the various variants of this dish. it is worth knowing that the choice of meat ingredients is yours in any case, you can safely experiment with the types of its cutting and its quantity. This also applies to the choice of cabbage, it can be both white and cauliflower.

The classic recipe – bigus from fresh cabbage

Ingredients Required:

  • Beef six hundred grams;
  • Vegetable oil forty ml;
  • A head of cabbage alone;
  • Water six hundred ml;
  • Onions one onion;
  • Carrots two pieces;
  • Sausage, smoked three hundred grams;
  • Tomato paste forty grams; garlic one clove;
  • Salt, pepper to your taste.

Cooking bigus with fresh cabbage

Thawed meat is cut into small pieces and spread on a preheated pan, richly greased with vegetable oil. Cook over low heat regularly stir. Once there was a ruddy crust, proceed to the vegetables. Cabbage is thoroughly cleaned and very finely chopped, mixed with meat and tightly covered with a pan lid. After fifteen minutes, water is poured into the pan, and all ingredients are roasted for forty minutes, over a very slow fire. At this time, onions are peeled and finely chopped. Carrots are washed, cleaned and cut into thin strips. In a separate bowl, along with the tomato paste, fry all the vegetables. Four minutes later add smoked meat. Ten minutes later, the entire zazharku spread in a frying pan with meat and cabbage and stew for another twenty minutes. At the end, cooking bigus is seasoned with various spices and chopped garlic. Ready bigus can be served to the table both in cold and hot.

Another bigus with fresh white cabbage is not only smoked meats and meat ingredients, but also various vegetable mixtures. It can be draft types of pepper, tomatoes, greens and zucchini and much more.

Bigus with potatoes and cabbage

Ingredients Required:

  • Pork six hundred grams;
  • Cabbage five hundred grams;
  • Potatoes five pieces;
  • Onion two pieces;
  • Carrots are three medium sized;
  • Tomatoes two pieces;
  • Pepper sweet two pieces;
  • Vegetable oil forty ml;
  • Salt, pepper to your taste.

Cooking method

Meat is crushed and cut into small pieces. Pour some water into a skillet and simmer the pieces of pork over low heat, stir regularly, add water and remove the froth. After the meat has become soft, all the liquid will evaporate the pork roast for fifteen minutes, adding a little vegetable oil to the saucepan.

Onions are peeled and cut into thin half-rings. Carrots are thoroughly washed, peeled and grated on a coarse grater or cut into small strips. Chopped vegetables are gently mixed with roasted meat and covered with a lid. Potatoes are peeled, washed and cut into small cubes, then dipped in a saucepan for seven minutes to roast. Then add a little water and stew under tightly closed lid. Meanwhile, they clear the cabbage, chop it very finely and send it to stew over the meat. Tomatoes and Bulgarian pepper are washed, peeled and cut into small cubes, after the potatoes and cabbage are soft, send them to a saucepan. Fifteen minutes later the bigus dish is filled with favorite spices and served to the table.

Polish bigus from sauerkraut

The original Polish bigus is the most difficult to prepare and is as rich as possible with various ingredients. There are no strict rules in the process of its preparation, each Polish hostess has a bigus. The basis of the Polish bigus is sauerkraut.

Ingredients that are necessary for the preparation of the original Polish Bigus with sauerkraut:

  • Cabbage one kilogram;
  • Sausages and smoked meat products, seven varieties of five hundred grams;
  • Dried fruits two hundred grams;
  • Onion two pieces;
  • Carrots two pieces;
  • Dry red wine two hundred ml;
  • Tomato paste two tablespoons;
  • Spices, bay leaf, cumin, dill, coriander to your taste.

Cooking this dish

Meat products are cut into small pieces and fried on high heat. All put in a thick-bottomed pot. Shredded carrots, shredded onion and tomato paste are fried on the remaining fat.

How to cook bigus

Dried fruits are washed, they must include prunes, sauerkraut, carrots and onions sent to the pan. Fill the ingredients with hot water not two fingers above the food in the pan, bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and after one and a half hours the bigus is ready for use. To prevent anything from burning in the pan, the contents interfere regularly. After one chat, ten minutes pour in the wine, make the fire stronger, so that all the alcohol is evaporated. Add favorite spices, turn off the fire under the pan, and leave the finished bigus for half an hour to languish.

Traditional Polish Bigus from fresh and sauerkraut

We offer you another option for making traditional Polish bigus using sauerkraut and fresh cabbage.

Necessary ingredients for the preparation of this dish:

  • Fresh cabbage five hundred grams;
  • Cabbage five hundred grams;
  • Pork three hundred grams;
  • Sausage two hundred grams;
  • Smoked brisket two hundred grams;
  • Lard fifty grams;
  • Onions two hundred grams;
  • Dry red wine two hundred ml;
  • Dried mushrooms fifty grams;
  • Tomatoes one hundred grams;
  • Flour twenty grams;
  • Pepper and salt to your taste;
  • Spices and seasonings.

Cooking method

For cooking bigus you can use any meat products and in any quantity, for example, pork, lard, veal, smoked meats, sausage, game. First of all, stew sauerkraut for fifty minutes in a saucepan, then add hot water. The liquid must cover the cabbage for at least one finger. Fresh cabbage, cut into strips, and also poured with hot water and boiled together with dried mushrooms until tender. The lard is melted to cracklings, the greaves are then sent to the bigus, and pieces of finely chopped pork are fried in the melted fat. After they turn red from all sides, they are sent to sauerkraut along with smoked bacon, where they will stay until the dish is ready. On the remnants of bacon fried chopped onion until rosy color. The brisket is removed from the cabbage, and the meat is cut into pieces and the chopped sausage and bacon are added to them. Fresh cabbage is mixed with sour and add flour, salt, tomatoes, meat ingredients, pepper, red wine and a spoonful of sugar to them.

Within ten minutes, the alcohol is evaporated from the wine over high heat, seasonings are added: cumin, bay leaf, coriander, give the dish an hour to sweat and season everything. The finished dish is served hot on the table.

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