How to cook apricot jam

Who would have thought that a small apricot is a “multifaceted personality”? In Japan, it symbolizes resilience in the face of adversity. In China, indecision and death. As a plant that can pollinate itself, is considered a sign of self-sufficiency. As a tree, too easy to shed its color, is the embodiment of impermanence. It is also associated with charming femininity, and all because in the Middle Ages someone’s playful fantasy saw in the fruit cut into two halves a hint at the intimate part of the female body. For what purpose did the subconscious throw up this image, what is the apricot dream of?

The value of dreams about apricots in the interpretation of different dream books

Ruddy and sweet, warmed by the sun fruit in a dream to offensive often becomes the herald of bad news.

  • Dream Miller advises anyone who has "apologos himself" to beware of the troubles and disappointments associated with close people.
  • Dream Vanga believes that the dreamer is too wasteful of the time that is given to him. Remember, apricot petals fly around too fast! Do not waste precious minutes in vain.
  • The Ukrainian dream book sees in the fruit with ruddy sides a symbol of deceived expectations and longing.
  • The dream guide of the Wanderer with the Culinary is sure – the dreamer is waiting for sadness.
  • The dream of Bitch warns: you are watched by an attack of melancholy. Take action in advance, devoting at least one day to yourself and the fulfillment of your petty whims. Sometimes it is necessary!
  • A common dream book scares a whole series of grieves for a variety of reasons.
  • An Islamic dream book sadly states: you will lose something of great value to you.
  • The dream interpretation of Simon Canonit threatens the unlucky dreamer with adversity and loss.
  • And the dream book of Fedorovskiy will spell a long run of trouble.

Unfortunately, the sweet fruit is often a negative symbol.

Intuition suggests that the dream fruit, so juicy and sweet, brought you good? So let’s turn to optimistic dream books. Your inner voice needs to be trusted.

  • The dream interpretation of the XXI century offers to tune in for victory. Perhaps you will cope with some difficult task, or maybe win the lottery. In any case, be prepared to experience joy and satisfaction.
  • Dream interpretation Grishina binds the image of a sweet fruit with life’s well-being.
  • Dream Gypsy promises dreamer excellent health and prosperity.
  • Modern dream book suggests that your cherished dreams will come true soon.
  • For Freud’s dream book, the convex ruddy sides of the apricot are associated with seductively jutting savory parts of the female body. Your relationship with your beloved (loved one) is in the sweetest stage of development, because of what you are full of pleasant foreboding and playful mood.

The dream of a New Era is convinced that the solution of dreams should be sought not in the future or the past, but in the state of the dreamer’s soul. It seems that you are building rainbow plans and cherish the hope of bringing them to life. Will she come down? Find out when the time comes.

What dreams of men and women

  • If a girl in a dream eats ripe fruit, she will meet with real love. The novel will be as entrancing and sweet as the flesh of ripe apricot and, perhaps, will end in a strong union.
  • It is quite another thing – a dream in which the young lady plucked the fruit from the tree, but did not taste it. Alas, the violent outburst of passion, which she has to endure, will end in nothing, although the dreamer will pin great hopes on these relations.
  • Flowering apricot tree, standing alone, promises unsuccessful marriage. It is especially bad to see such a dream in the middle of winter – it is believed that in this case the marriage will certainly end in tears and discord.

If the fruit is sweet, your future is cloudless.

Unfavorable for a woman is a dream in which her lover or spouse alone eats apricots. Accumulated omissions and quarrels undermine your relationship. Think about what you can do to get closer to each other again?

  • A young man who is pure in his dreams with the rich fruits of the apricot tree will be turned over by a young and pure girl who has no experience of intimate life. Despite the latter circumstance, the novel can be very gentle and sensual.
  • A fruit with rottenness or sourness informs you that a foe wound up in an environment of the dreamer, weaving intrigue against him.
  • Apricots grown on a tree in the middle of winter or autumn – in short, at an inopportune time – symbolize problems in the service.
  • Crushing a fruit with your hand means missing a good chance or advantageous offer.
  • But the one who tore the green apricots, on the contrary, hurried and began to solve the problem, without having either sufficient experience or knowledge.

What does the appearance of the fruit

Ripe fragrant apricots with thin skin and a blush on the sides promise pleasure to the sleeper. Nothing threatens you, your well-being – both mental and physical – stays on top, and things are resolved to your complete satisfaction. If you are considering to start a long-planned project related to finance, go ahead. And do not be afraid of unexpected news, they will be good!

How to cook apricot jam

Green apricots indicate your unwillingness to solve a problem.

Rotten prophesy chagrin. Plans will fail, money will flow away, proven partners will let you down … Keep your activity for a while, anyway, your efforts are of little use now.

Worm fruits symbolize deception, and from a loved one.

Dried or dried apricots can predict:

  • disease;
  • troubles;
  • grief;
  • failure in business;
  • love man, much older than you.

We can safely say that fate brought you a basket of gifts

An impressive hill or basket of apricots serves as a symbol of good health and financial stability. But beware! Some dream books say that you risk being influenced by a bad person.

How to cook apricot jam

The fruits hanging in the branches of the tree – rebuke your habit too often thoughts in the clouds. It is necessary at least from time to time to firmly become both feet on the ground and look around, otherwise in this world not to succeed.

Fruits lying on grass or sand are a bad sign for those whose love story is in full swing. Your relationship is not as exalted and deep as you imagine, and are unlikely to get a decent continuation.

Of considerable importance for interpretations is the time of year in which the dream occurred. If this happened in the summer, when the orange fruits really hang on the branches, everything is fine. Your affairs will develop in the best possible way, life will delight with gifts, and relationships will bring only joy. But the farther away from the "apricot" season, the more dark the color become dreams. Thus, fruits dreamed during the time of bitter cold, are considered to be a sign of disappointed hopes, the collapse of carefully planned plans and love dramas.

Actions with apricots

If the fragrant fruit seen in a dream, and even in a good season, can be considered an auspicious sign, then you can’t say the same about fruits broken by halves. This is a kind of symbol of your love union, half falling in half! And no matter how offensive, and the cause of the cracks in the relationship will be you yourself, or rather your foolish temper. Watch what you say, otherwise lose your half forever.

See how you would not be a lonely half because of its restive nature.

If you picked soft fruit from a tree:

  • A new connection will give you unprecedented sensual pleasures;
  • the physical condition will improve significantly, all illnesses will recede and you will feel a surge of strength;
  • Your income will be stable, high, and your business acumen is strong.

At the same time, collecting fruits in a basket or bucket means controlling the situation and being in harmony with the outside world. But it is very bad to pick up the fallen apricots from the ground: in this case, your plans will be in jeopardy, and even if you succeed at incredible efforts to bring the matter to a victorious end, you will not feel real satisfaction.

If you ate apricots:

  • juicy and sweet – to great joy;
  • sour and stained – to disease and damage;
  • tasteless – much to the disappointment. Someone you trust has already prepared a knife to poke you in the back.

Even a ripe apricot in certain cases can mean a temptation. Stay alert! If you give in to it, you yourself will become the cause of the problems that have befallen you. And do not say that we did not warn you.

Fruit eaten with you someone else? It seems that the people around you seem to be uninteresting and more likely than gladden with their communication.

Dreaming about children requires you to take responsibility for your responsibilities.

The dream in which you plucked apricots from a tree and fed them a child has a double meaning. If you already got offspring, reconsider your behavior. Allowing yourself in the presence of children too much, you instill in them the wrong pattern of behavior. Remember, no tutor is better than a personal example. It is advisable to start paying more attention to their duties to dreamless children. Hobbies and leisure is a good thing, but you shouldn’t give them away the minutes and hours of your life so lightly.

Selling apricots in a dream, you are a step closer to your financial well-being in reality. Probably, soon you will be able to make a profit, a significant gain, or find a successful side job.

A dream about buying apricots on the market or in a store has about the same meaning, with the only difference that some interpreters see it as a sign of great help that you will give to friends or relatives.

But to give or take apricots as a gift is bad. It is believed that those who presented you an orange fruit in a dream, in reality, willfully or unwittingly give you serious disappointment. And vice versa: have you pleased someone with a fragrant fruit? In reality, this person will get into trouble because of your fault. True, some interpreters point out that if they had to treat a large group, such a dream speaks rather of the dreamer’s kindness and his ability to be the soul of the company.

To steal apricots – to be under someone’s negative influence.

How to cook apricot jam

Cook jam of them – get thin news.

Throwing apricots in the urn – get rid of envious and slanderers.

Explanation of other dreaming options: flowering tree, garden, bones

Flowering apricot tree – one of the most capricious characters. Interpreted in a positive way, it denotes pacification, peace, beneficial changes in life. In the negative – prophesies deceived hopes and sadness. Just in case, check the calendar (in winter, the probability of getting a bad prediction is higher than in summer) and your own intuition. And make sure, in fact, that you do not have the habit of looking at life through rose-colored glasses, this will help to avoid many difficulties.

Apricot tree in bloom prophesies both joy and sorrow at the same time

A garden with apricot trees predicts, for the most part, a prosperous future, but with a bit of sadness. Perhaps you did something wrong at the wrong time, because your plans and fail. Choose a better moment for decisive action.

The interpreters associate apricot stones with an unpleasant situation or problem, which you will need to gnaw to get to the nucleolus.

Despite the fact that the dream-book apricot that appeared in our dreams is so often attributed to a negative meaning, this symbol always gives up hope for happiness. Stay like a Japanese apricot that survives on the rocky slopes of the mountains, firmly hold the roots for the ground, but from time to time, allow yourself to soar in the clouds, like petals in the wind. Good luck does not pass you by.

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